Character Information
Name Joel
Gender Male
Franchise The Last Of Us
Weapons/Accessories Guns, Melee Weapons, Bombs
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Bill's Car (Nightwinger555)
Occupation Zombie Survivor
Residence Boston, U.S

Joel is a character from The Last Of Us Series, created by Naughty Dog. He comes in The Last Of Us Story Pack.


  • Stealth (Smoke Bomb)
  • Dive
  • Silver Lego Blowup (Spike Bomb)
  • Sonar Smash (Pipe, Bat, or Plank)
  • Target (Hunting Rifle)
  • Hazard Protection (Gas Mask)
  • Intelligence


  • "You doing okay, kiddo?" - Joel when talking to Ellie.
  • "Shhh, don't attract the Clicker..." - Joel when seeing Clicker.
  • "I'm not letting you lay a hand on her." - Joel when talking to Marlene.
    • "Then I'll just take her." - Marlene's response.
  • "I always wanted one of these. I wonder if Bill would let me have it after the Apocalypse..." -Joel when riding Bill's Car (Nightwinger555).
  • "Be right back. Gotta go find that darn girl." - Joel's 1st line when leaving the game.
  • "Better go find more supplies..." - Joel's 2nd line when leaving the game.
  • "I'm going to get out of here while I stil can." - Joel's 3rd line when leaving the game.
  • "Are you sure this isn't a bloater?" - Joel when riding any mech.
  • "Alright, let's fix this old hunk of junk." - Joel when upgrading his vehicle or gadget.
  • "Not sure what it is, but, I'll take it..." - Joel when getting a collectible.
  • "That's not happening again." - Joel when respawning.
  • "Woah!" - Joel when in a vortex.
  • "Ellie! Ellie! Oh well, guess I gotta go find her." - Joel's line when idle.


  • Troy Baker voices Joel, like in The Last Of Us.
  • In The Last Of Us Levels and Adventure World, studs are replaced with scrap like scissors and paper.
  • Joel's idle animation is him checking all his guns and reloading them.
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