Is there a time paradox that needs fixing?
— Jimmy Redd's first line when entering the game.
Where am I? Did a time wormhole send me here?
— Jimmy Redd's second line when entering the game.
The time is now to save the Multiverse!
— Jimmy Redd's third line when entering the game.

Jimmy Redd is a character from Time Cruisers II in Lego Dimensions.

Jimmy Redd
Time Cruisers II-Jimmy Redd
Character Information
Name Jimmy Redd
Gender Male
Franchise Time Cruisers II
Weapons/Accessories Time Phaser
Occupation Hero
Residence Guardian of Elements


  • Acrobat
  • Mini Access
  • Grapple (Rope)
    • Rope Swing (Rope)
  • Target (Time Phaser)
  • Time Twist (Time Phaser) (Change the time period of certain areas to bypass hazards)





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