Jim Raynor
Jim Raynor V2
Character Information
Name Jim Raynor
Gender Male
Franchise Starcraft
Weapons/Accessories Marine Gun
Vehicles and/or Gadgets The Hyperion

Vulture-class Hover Bike

Occupation Marine
Residence The Hyperion
This is Raynor. I'd like to help if I can.
— Jim Raynor's First Line when entering the game
Hello boys I'm Jim Raynor, marshal of these parts.
— Jim Raynor's Second Line when entering the game
The name's Jim Raynor, pal.
— Jim Raynor's Third Line when entering the game.
Jim Raynor is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Starcraft 2 Level Pack, for the Starcraft franchise.


James Eugene "Jim" Raynor is a former terran marshal turned rebel, who has became one of the major figures in the Koprulu sector through his work to bring down the Confederacy and, later, in the struggle against the Confederacy's successor, the Dominion. Raynor is one of the few terrans to engage in a long-term alliance with the protoss.


Well, I guess all I have left is to see this through.
— Jim Raynor when unable to solve a puzzle
Time to kick some serious butt.
— Raynor when in combat.
What! You're not just gonna leave them?
— Jim Raynor when collecting a Gold Brick
We all got our choices to make.
— Jim Raynor's First Line when leaving the game
All in a day's work, General.
— Jim Raynor's Second Line when leaving the game


  • He is voiced by Robert Clotworthy in the Starcraft franchise. Archive Audio is used when Jim Raynor talks.
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