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Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer Final.png
Character Information
Name Jesse Custer
Gender Male
Franchise Preacher
Weapons/Accessories lighter
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mini 'All Saints' Congregational'
Occupation Preacher
Residence Texas

Jesse Custer is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Preacher franchise.


Reverend Jesse Custer (1979-2065) was a Texas preacher who merged with a mysterious creature known as Genesis, developing the ability to make anyone do anything he says.

When Jesse summoned God in front of Annville, Jesse realized the figure was an impostor. After learning that God had abandoned Heaven, Jesse began a crusade with Tulip O'Hare and Pronsias Cassidy, in search of God. After learning God enjoys jazz, Jesse and his friends left for New Orleans. However, after learning the messiah is a "moron", Jesse reluctantly accepts Herr Stars offer on taking Humperdoo's place. Things took a turn after Lara Featherstone killed Tulip. Jesse returned to Angelville for his Gran'ma to resurrect her. After the resurrection, he was forced to work for Gran'ma.

During his return to Angelville, Jesse made attempts to regain his soul extract from the Grail. During which, the Allfather of the Grail learned of Genesis and wanted the power for Humperdoo. After several attempts with clones, the Grail found a DNA sample which would allow Humperdoo to survive Genesis. However, Jesse was able to trick Allfather and release Genesis into the Allfather instead, killing him before Genesis returned to him. After which, Jesse returned to Angeville one more to fight Jody, finally beating and killing him. Jesse then set Angelville into flames before killing his Gran'ma.

Following this, Jesse and Tulip set out to rescue Cassidy, who was captured by the Grail. After a rescue attempt, Jesse and Cassidy argued over Cassidy and the latter chose to stay behind in Masada. After getting visions of a nuclear explosion at the Lost Apostle, who left Tulip to visit the monument in Australia. On his way, God threw several hurdles at him but Jesse managed to make it through all of them. While near the Lost Apostle, Cassidy and Tulip arrived via a plane to free Jesse from the Saint of Killers. However, shortly after, God set off the nuclear explosion in Jesse's vision, causing Jesse to fly out of the airplane to his death.

After he was buried, Jesse was sent to Hell and God put him several tests to see if he would be tempted. While Jesse seemingly passed, God resurrected him but told Jesse he failed as he sensed his temptation before biting his eye out and sending him to reunite his friends to watch the Apocalypse.

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip returned to Masada, though the three were split up. When Jesse made it back to Cassidy, he learned Cassidy gave into God's request and was knocked unconscious by God. Jesse was taken into a church and was demanded to use his powers against God, but he refused. The Saint of Killers arrived shortly after, who Jesse believed he was on his side, though surprised when he let God walk. Jesse tried to fight off the Saint of Killers and was joined in by Genesis' parents. Though they managed to fend the Saint of Killers off for a while, they were killed. Jesse eventually told the Saint of Killers to repent so he could ascend to Heaven. He reunited with Cassidy and Tulip before telling the Grail to look for God, who had once again, abandoned them.

Two years later, Jesse and Tulip had another chase with the Rodriguez brothers. Shortly after this, Jesse learned the Grail had found God at the Alamo. Jesse made his way and learned his father was accepted in Heaven, despite his prayers as a child and God did everything he did out of love. Jesse realized God was needy and refused to accept that as a God while releasing Genesis. Jesse then leaves to watch a film with Tulip.

Forty years later, Jesse and Tulip passed away, while their daughter grew up to run an asset management fund.


  • Detective Mode
  • Goon Command
  • Security Access
  • Mind Control
  • Target
  • Fire


The plan is simple: find God.
— Jesse Custer when entering the game
You’d hear a noise. A high-pitched, kind of bunny-in-a-bear-trap sound. You’ll know it when it comes. ‘Cause you’re the one who will be making it.
— Jesse Custer when fighting
How hurt you want him? One punch? Two?
— Jesse Custer when fighting
You hate me now? Just you wait. Just you wait.
— Jesse Custer when seeing Proinsias Cassidy
Third time you’ve died, Tulip. I’m all out of tears.
— Jesse Custer when Tulip O'Hare dies
In the end, the change in us always comes from God.
— Jesse Custer when leaving the game
Till the end of the world.
— Jesse Custer when leaving the game
This could help me with finding God!
— Jesse Custer when collecting a collectible


Idle Animations

  • Playing around with his lighter
  • Lighting a cigarette
  • Testing Genesis