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Character Information
Name Jenna
Gender Female
Franchise Venture
Residence Void

Jenna is a Venture character in LEGO 1001 Spears Vega. She is available in the Gamebusters Team Pack.


  • Acrobatics
  • Master Build
  • Glide (Skirt)
  • Growth (Watering Can)
  • Hazard Cleaner (Watering Can)
  • Target (Fruit)


Jenna was one of the four characters originally to be in Venture, but were removed the same day they were conceived, banished to the void. Jenna dropped 0-1 fruits and 0-1 roses. Jenna had thirteen health.


Jenna is one of the enemies during the Gamebuster Invasion. She cannot take or deal damage, and rather serves as a cleric to the other three Gamebusters, healing them when they are attacked.

Dimensional Crisis



  • She is the only girl/woman of the Gamebusters.
  • Despite the mass bedrock breaking across Venture in Venture: Breathtaking Fear, the Gamebusters are notably nonexistent, meaning they either decomposed or chose not to escape.
  • She can shape shift, as shown when she took on the appearance of Robyn Jacob.
  • Jenna serving as a humanitarian during the Gamebuster Invasion is a reference to the Gamebusters movie.
  • Her name is similar to Gemma Jacob, the dead wife of Robert Jacob and mother of Robyn Jacob. However, Jenna bears a greater resemblance to Robyn than Gemma.
  • Jenna has the same hairstyle (and, at one point, color) as Robert Jacob.