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Hey guys!
— Jeffy when entering the game.
My name is Jeffy. See it says it on my shirt, Je-ffy!
— Jeffy’s second line when entering the game.
Wat doing?
— Jeffy’s third line when entering the game.

Jeffy is one of the Story Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions. He appears in the SML Story Pack for the SML franchise.


Jeffy was born on August 21, 2004, in Paris, France to a famous French painter named Jacques Pierre François and a prostitute named Nancy at a portable toilet, alongside a twin sister named Feebee. His birth sign is Leo. His mother never cared for him, so it's a possibility if Jacques was the one who cared for him. He arrived in Pensacola, Florida as an illegal immigrant before he was forced to live in the apartments after Nancy has enough of his stupidity. In 2015, Jeffy went outside to take Feebee to ride a bicycle without her helmet (she gave it to Nancy). Jeffy witnessed his sister getting accidentally hit by a car, which forced him to always wear a helmet.


  1. Graffiti (Pencil)
  2. Silver LEGO Blowup (Taco)
  3. Character Change
  • J-Fee
    • Sonar Smash
  • Baby Jeffy
    • Mini Access
  • Angry Jeffy
    • Super Strength
    • Cracked LEGO Walls


NOTE: Any swear words will be censored here and in game.

Ok. Jeffy out!
— Jeffy when leaving the game.
Signing off, b****!
— Jeffy’s second line when leaving the game.
Uh uh uh uhhhhh!
— Jeffy when idle.
Pooperman’s here to save the day!
— Jeffy when seeing Superman.
Hey daddy!
— Jeffy when seeing Mario.
Oh hey Mr. Piggy! Wat doing?
— Jeffy when seeing Piggy.
Why don’t you go eat a cracker, you parrot-nosed f***?
— Jeffy when seeing Eris.
— Jeffy when seeing a mech or giant character.
Oh b****, you wanna throw hands? I’ll throw some f*** hands! Square up, b****!
— Jeffy when in combat.
Are you f***ing high?
— Jeffy when respawning or unable to solve a puzzle.
I don’t have to!
— Jeffy’s second line when unable to solve a puzzle.
It’s super simple!
— Jeffy when solving a puzzle.
Pee Pee!
— Jeffy when collecting a collectible.
5 stars - Jeffy approved!
— Jeffy’s second line when collecting a collectible.
It’s called a teleFISHion, daddy. So the fishes can watch TV!
— Jeffy when holding the Taunt-o-vision.
All above the Daddy’s high train! Uh uhhhh!
— Jeffy when riding the Time Traveling Train.
Hey Jeffy - wat doing?
— Jeffy when seeing Jeffy.


  1. In SML, he is voiced by Lance Thirtycare. Archive Audio of Lance is used.
  2. While he still can say “high,” any swear words are removed to keep a T rating.
  3. He, Marceline, Jack Productions, and Betelgeuse are the only characters in the LEGO Dimensions series with standard minifigure legs to have Mini Access.