Lego jeff
Character Information
Name Jeff
Gender Male
Franchise Clarence
Weapons/Accessories Green sword
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ginsbot
Occupation normal kid
Residence Aberdale

Jeff is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the jeff and sumo team pack for the Clarence franchise.


Jeff is a 10 year old boy with a light blue t-shirt, brown hair, dark yellow pants and dark blue shoes. He has two friends, Clarence and Sumo. He also has parents who are lesbian women. There names are Sue and E.J.


  • Sword Switch
  • to put coin
  • mini access


  • Jeff's parents are lesbian mothers making it the first lesbian parents to appear in a Cartoon Network series.
  • His appearance is similar to Steve from the popular game, Minecraft due to him wearing the same color of pants and shirt and having a head in the shape of a square.
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