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Jay is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ninjago franchise.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Jay was an inventor to be discovered by Sensei Wu while testing a glider he had recently invented. He was the adopted son of Ed Walker and Edna Walker, but his real father was Cliff Gordon, actor of a comic character that Jay idolized, while his real mother was one of the Elemental Masters, specifically that of Lightning, and thus the source of Jay's elemental powers. He was brought to Wu's monastery to train in the ways of Spinjitzu. He trained alongside fellow students Zane and Cole. The three later attacked an intruder that they found in the monastery. After a fight started between the four, Wu appeared to break it up and introduced the newcomer as his fourth student, Kai. Wu then announced to the four ninjas that the search for the Four Golden Weapons was about to begin.

At the Caves of Despair, location of the Scythe of Quakes, after the scythe was recovered by the ninjas, they are attacked by an army of Skullkins led by Samukai, the king of the underworld. Jay notices the enemies to be just like the training course, and after going through the motions Wu taught him, he summoned a tornado of lightning corresponding with his element. In other words: he performed spinjitzu, followed by the others. Samukai and his legion retreat, as a dragon protecting the Scythe appeared behind the ninja. In desperation, Kai uses the scythe, despite Wu's instruction not to use the weapon's power, as no mortal could handle it. A rift appears in the cave ceiling, and the ninja manage to escape. As the ninja are heading to the shurikens of ice, Wu teaches them the most powerful move in spinjitzu: the Tornado of Creation. The boat arrives, crashing into the island, and the ninja enter the frozen plains. Jay and the rest of the ninjas recovered the Shurikens of Ice. Next, At the Floating Ruins, they climb a giant nunchuck to the nunchucks of lightning, jumping down to escape the lightning dragon. The four use special inventions made by Jay, who made backpacks that spawn wings. The ninja are at such a high altitude that they are able to fly to all the way to the Forest of Tranquility, the location of the Sword of Fire. The group then go to sleep in the forest. Kai leaves while the others are asleep as he is under the impression that his sister, Nya is in the forest. Wu later leaves to follow Kai, while Jay, Zane, and Cole are still in slumber. Samukai and the army of Skullkins then arrive, steal three of the golden weapons, and tie the remaining members of the group to a tree. Jay grabs General Nuckal's sword and cuts the rope while the skullkins are not looking. The three ninjas then try to chase the Skullkins in their vehicles, but they escape to the Underworld. The ninjas then go to the Fire Temple where Zane senses the location of the Sword of Fire. Kai and Nya then appear with the fire dragon. Jay then learned of the sacrifice that Wu made. The ninjas then retrieve their elemental dragons and travel to the underworld. While in the underworld, Jay battled the skullkins (once again) and giant spiders. He then witnessed Samukai defeat Sensei Wu and take the sword of fire from him. Samukai was then seemingly destroyed, but the combined power of the weapons allowed Lord Garmadon, Wu's evil brother, to escape from the underworld. Jay then travelled to Kai and Nya's village where he and the other ninjas were welcomed as heroes. Jay had a small moment with Nya, she tells him blue is her favorite color, and Jay replies YES! she also tells Kai and Jay she's happy they are back. Then they hit their golden weapons together creating an explosion.

Jay also appeared in most of the Ninjago Mini-Movies. In the first, he gave Nya a ride to the Blacksmith to pick up a few things, as she is moving in with Kai and the Ninja at the Monastery. He also took part in the dragon race between the other three in the second. He was briefly heard and seen in the third when Kruncha and Knuckal tried to steal the Golden Weapons, and was also seen flying on his dragon in the 6th.

In the Spinjitzu Smash online game, Jay appeared in three of the four campaigns. In his respective campaign, he and Nya built a balloon and journeyed to the Sky Temple to retrieve the Nunchucks of Lightning. In Zane's campaign, Jay accompanied the ninja of ice on his quest to retrieve the Shurikens of Ice. In Cole's campaign, Jay appeared as an illusion that led Cole to the cave where Carridi's daughter and the Scythe of Quakes were being held by Skullkins. Jay was only playable in his respective campaign.

Also, in the game Smash Creations, Jay says that Nya is a great kisser when Sensei Wu tells Kai that she is not just an ordinary village girl, thus it can be assumed Jay has kissed Nya before, though he could just be joking with Kai. When Kai leads the charge before the last battle, Jay says he fights for love, further implying his feelings for Nya.

The Green Ninja

In the new Ninjago mini-movie, Rise of the Snakes, his optimism reaches its' peak with the battle of the Serpentine. After the ninjas go to Jamanakai village to investigate the report of Lord Garmadon's return, the ninjas find Lloyd Garmadon terrorizing the villagers. After leaving him to the villagers, they find the scroll about the Green Ninja, he is the most intrigued. During the contest to decipher who it was, he lost first to Kai. Then Sensei Wu broke up the fight. After returning to Jamonicia village to investigate the Serpentine's return, he is relieved to see Nya has returned safely. Jay makes little appearance in this battle, only to say they are out of shape during the battle.

In the second premier, Home, he is annoyed by Zane when he laughs at a movie when he and Nya are crying. He and the other ninjas train to unlock the golden weapons when Zane tells them to follow him. After arriving at Lloyd Garmadon's treehouse, he finds it very cool and interesting. Nevertheless, he follows the ninja to destroy it. When Cole is hypnotized, he tries to shock him with lightning, to no avail. When Sensei Wu brings Cole out of the trance using the sacred flute, he is devastated that the Serpentine destroyed all their video games. After they discover Destiny's Bounty, he is the first to comment on the food.

In the eighth episode "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", he takes Nya out on a date for the first time. But it doesn't go at all as planned. He begins to turn into a snake and is too shy to tell Nya. Then Nya is chained up by Pythor on a roller coaster leading to a circle of fire. He reaches his true potential when Nya kisses him (Which makes his heart rate go up rapidly, repelling the Fangpyre Venom) and he discovers that he just needs to be who he is.

The Final Battle

In "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master", Jay and the rest of the club have many small battles with Lord Garmadon as the master of evil figures out new ways to kill the ninja. When Ninjago City breaks out in an earthquake and mysterious Stone Warriors show up in the midst of the confusion, they discover that their skills are no match for their new enemies. He and Cole are hit by Dark Matter towards the end of the TV series while protecting Lloyd, making them very briefly evil beings like Nya. At the end of the episode, Cole, Nya, Jay, and Zane, who was also struck, are changed back.


In Ninjago: REBOOTED, Jay appears to be Cole's rival after finding out Nya has feelings for Cole too.

The Tournament of Elements

In Season 4, The Tournament of Elements, Jay had quit the team after the death of Zane, he was hosting a Ninja obstacle course. When Lloyd showed asking him to return to the team he revealed he left because he was tired of Cole trying to steal Nya from him. When the gang was summoned to Chen's Noodles for Lloyd's second attempt at getting the gang back together. They ended up find out about that Zane was alive and being held captive an elemental tournament run by Master Chen.


In Season 5, a brief part is shown, in which Jay looks into a piece of ice, seeing his reflection in the future. Jay wears an eye patch, as he was most likely blinded and is married to Nya.



The Dark Island Trilogy


Day of the Departed

In the special, Jay goes to visit his parents on the titular holiday honoring the fallen of Ninjago, unaware that he-like his teammates-has forgotten about Cole, whose ghostly fading has been growing worse. As he is enjoying time with his father and mother, a trio of Skulkin attack at the instigation of Samukai, who has been revived by Sensei Yangand now seeks to eliminate Jay so that he can return permanently to the realm of the living. With his parents held hostage, Jay is left with few options, until Ronin arrives and rescues them, allowing him to destroy Samukai once and for all. He then reunites with the other ninja, and they rush to the Temple of Airjitzu to help Cole, and later move into the structure after it is purified thanks to Cole's actions, though Jay is still nervous about ghosts.

Hands of Time

In "The Hands of Time", Jay joins the other Ninja in helping to clean up the Ninjago Museum after the Day of the Departed, though he complained. After experiencing a temporal disruption, the group traveled to meet Wu at the ruined Monastery of Spinjitzu. There they find him at the mercy of Acronix, and Jay reluctantly joined in the attack on the villain. In "The Hatching", Jay and the other Ninja are told the history of the Time Twins, before receiving an alert about an attack on the unveiling of Cyrus Borg's latest product. Upon arriving, they engage the Vermillion, strange new warriors made up of armor inhabited by groups of snakes. Though they prove difficult foes, Jay and Nya discover that they can defeat them by combining their powers.

In "A Time of Traitors", Jay and Nya, along with Cole, bring a damaged Zane back to the Samurai X Cave to see about repairing him. After discovering Acronix and Krux's role in Zane being damaged, they are alerted to Vermillion kidnapping citizens from across Ninjago. In "Scavengers", the Ninja struggle with understanding the villains' plot, but work together to stop several Vermillion. Upon learning that the villains are collecting metal, Jay realizes that his parents' junkyard is a likely target and takes off on his own. In "A Line in the Sand", Jay finds his suspicions proved right, and when his mother is abducted he helps his father complete his new bike, Desert Lightning. Using it, he is able to recover the slow down Time Blade and rescue his mother.

In "The Attack", Jay joins Zane and Cole in fooling around with the Time Blade, but their fun is cut short when the Time Twins and their Vermillion army attack the Temple of Airjitzu. They briefly gain an upper hand and obtain the green Time Blade, but then lose it, the blue blade they already had, and Wu to General Machia and the Time Twins. In "Secrets Discovered", Jay joins most of his teammates in investigating Krux's lair beneath the museum. During the process, they encounter Skales and several Serpentine, who reveal that the Vermillion-a name Jay finds ridiculous-are spawn of the Great Devourer. In "Pause and Effect", the Ninja discover the Vermillion camp, and Jay joins Cole in trying to rescue the various craftspeople abducted by the Vermillion only to be discovered.

In "Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea", Jay and Cole are joined by Zane and Lloyd and manage to get the hostages to safety, but learn that Cyrus Borg is still being held captive. Disguising themselves as Vermillion soldiers, they go to rescue him only to learn about the Iron Doom, the Time Twins' time-traveling fortress mech. With the help of a new Samurai X, they try to destroy the machine, but are thwarted and helpless to stop it from traveling into the past. In "Lost in Time", they bear witness as Ninjago is altered by the Time Twins' presence in the past, but the efforts of Kai, Nya, and Wu restore the timeline to normal. Unfortunately, in insuring that the Time Twins can do no more damage, Wu is lost in time with them, though Kai and Nya are returned to the present.

Sons of Garmadon

In "The Mask of Deception", the Ninja continue to search for Wu a year after his disappearance, with Jay and Cole traveling to a monastery where an old man with amnesia recently turned up. While there, the two bicker about the possible effects of time travel, with Jay disputing the claim that their appearances could have been altered without their knowledge (which has in fact occurred). After discovering the man is not Wu, their argument inspires outbursts from the other monks-previously sworn to silence-and prompts the pair to flee. They later reunite with the rest of the Ninja for a new mission: to address the threat of a criminal gang known as the Sons of Garmadon.


In season nine, Jay becomes stranded with Wu and the other three original Ninja in the First Realm, where they must help the native Dragons against the Dragon Hunters.

March of the Oni

In season ten, Jay decides to ask Nya to "be his yang", which appears to be the Ninjago equivalent of a marriage proposal. Unfortunately, his plans to ask her are interferred with by bad advice from his friends, the Oni invasion of Ninjago, and the Ninjas' subsequent alliance with Emperor Garmadon. After putting it off several times, Jay finally pops the question as the Ninja are about to be destroyed by the Oni, and she accepts. Fortunately, the Ninja are then able to defeat their enemies by working together to form a Tornado of Creation.


  1. Acrobat
  2. Electricity
  3. Intelligence
  4. Photo Mode
  5. Repair
  6. Spinjitzu
  7. Stealth