Jason Voorhees
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Character information
Name Jason Voorhees
Gender Male
Franchise Friday The 13th
Weapons/Accessories Machete
Vehicles and/or Gadgets The Camp Train
Occupation No Occuppation
Residence Camp Crystal Lake


Jason Voorhees is a Iconic Horror Movie Character. He is from the Friday the 13th series, and is a fun pack character.

Jason tries to avenge his mother in these films.


Super Strength

Regen Hearts

Boomerang - (Machete)

Lazer Deflector - (Machete)

Electricity - (Lightning/Thunder)


Changing Character Ability - (Other Jasons)

Hazard Protection 

Mind Control

Vine Cut - (Machete)


Jason Is a Silent character, like Chell.

Art Credit

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Jason does not have  a idle animation, he just stands there, staring.

If the User is playing on Friday the 13th, Jason will dance if idle.

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