James (Hastatus)
James as he appears during the Battle for the Diamond Fist
Character Information
Name James
Gender Male
Franchise Dragonheart
Weapons/Accessories Bladestaff
Vehicles and/or Gadgets None
Occupation Salvage Expert, Mage-in-training
Residence Dragon Valley

James is a Dragonheart character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing as a LEGO Store polybag.


(Started in Jovis' Background)

After Jovis and James had found their friend's ancestor's brother, they found themselves in a midst of political turmoil as Prime Minister of the City-State of Steelvale Quintus Iucundus attempted to change Steelvale's base political ideology to that of Communism, throwing everything within a seven-league radius of Steelvale into turmoil. Jack and his friends did some investigating, and it was discovered that Quintus was trying to resurrect and release Typhon, the Destructor of Worlds, and so it fell to Jack once again to save the world. The Dragonheart tried to use his own power to mend the seal over a revived Typhon on his own while his friend held off Quintus, but failed, draining all of his strength and knocking him unconscious. Quintus had the Dragonheart thrown into a prison built far from the Prime Minister's residence at the site of Casa Loma, but his friends escaped with Jack's watch, enchanted by James to always tell the correct time. They were forced by constant military-police patrols to keep a low profile, eventually showing up for Jack's execution, the conversion to Communism, and Typhon's release, all rolled into one. Panicked at their ultimate failure, James issued a last-ditch plan: Use Jack's watch to turn back time by forcing the correct time to go back by setting the watch earlier. To absolutely everyone's surprise, this plan worked, and they were able to save Jack from his capture (and thus his execution) by adding their arcane power to his, successfully mending the seal and keeping Jack conscious.


The Mandala: Dragonheart World


Oh, we're back here! I can't wait to show you guys my workshop!
— James when in Dragonheart World
Nothing I've learned of the Before People says anything about this...
— James when unable to solve a puzzle
I think I read something about this somewhere...
— James when able to solve a puzzle
Aha! So that's how it works!
— James' first line when solving a puzzle
Better write this down somewhere...
— James' second line when solving a puzzle
Here we go again...
— James when entering combat
Gotta go sharpen my Bladestaff!
— James' first line when leaving the game


Combo Attack:

James swipes with the right blade and then the left blade of the staff before disconnecting them and stabbing with both of them simultaneously.

Finishing Move:

James splits the Bladestaff and inverts the blades in his hands, then jump-stabs the victim.


  • James splits the Bladestaff and twirls the blades in his hands, Emei Piercer style, before putting the staff back together.
  • James splits the Bladestaff and balances the halves on his hands before reassembling it.


  • Magic
  • Cracked LEGO
  • Technomagic
  • Twirl Poles
  • Sword Switches


  • Like Jack Grayson and Jovis, James is based on a real person.
  • James' Bladestaff is a pair of long, straight sabers that can attach together at their pommels, creating a double-bladed polearm.

Character Tag

James' tag is dark blue and grey, with an image of the Bladestaff on the front.

James Char Tag
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