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Jacques is a character from the JonTronShow who can be summoned by JonTron to reach special areas in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.


Jacques (pronounced Zh-ock) is a green-cheeked conure parrot who is one of four pets seen on the show, and the first one seen by the viewers. Jacques has his wings clipped, so he cannot fly. He has sometimes been shown to try to fly, and regularly falls off of things, such as Jon's monitor in "JonTron State of Affairs." When compared to Cinnamon, Jon's other bird, his beak appears visibly less sharp.

In the show proper, Jacques is portrayed as a mechanical, or at least partially mechanical bird that serves as Jon's secondary commentator. Jacques is far from properly functional, as he is prone to malfunction and bipolar emotional states. At times, he can offer sympathetic input towards Jon's current plight, while other times he is willing to threaten Jon's life in order to net some progress out of the man.

In an episode of Game Grumps, Jon stated that Jacques was originally going to have a human mouth and was to speak in a Persian/jive style of voice. Jacques personality was set as a robot because it was faster and easier to have his eyes glow rather than paste a mouth over him. When thinking back to it, Jon feels relieved he did not go through with his original plan.

He appeared in most episodes prior to JonTron's first major hiatus at the end of 2016, usually to provide comedic relief and to insult Jon. However, his appearances gradually became more sporadic, and has not appeared in any episode from Jon's fourth or fifth eras, leading some to speculate over the bird's fate.

Jacques made a surprise appearance in 2019 for JonTron's "JACQUES EXPOSED?" video promoting his limited edition Youtooz vinyl figurine, thus confirming Jacques is still alive to the fans. Jacques is revealed to be in retirement and is angered his likeness was used for the figurine without his consent.


  1. Explosives
  2. Flight
  3. Heat Bolts
  4. Technology