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Jack Stone
Jackstone green.jpg
Franchise: Jack Stone
  • Male


  • 50+


  • Hero of lego city (Before)
  • Villain
  • Lord of Ingtron


  • LEGO City (Jack Stone) (Formerly)
  • Ingtron
  • Foundation Prime
Appear In: LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

Jack stone is one the Non-Playable Characters and the Main Villain in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, he belongs to the Jack Stone Franchise.


He was a hero for LEGO City and was a very imaginative character who takes inspiration from even the smallest things. This is his main character trait and he often is seen inventing new machines to rescue people, put out fires, or capture crooks. He has a half-smiling face with a jacket, blue pants and brown hair.

Jack Stone was trapped by the portal to Ingtron along with his entire dimension, upon landing in Ingtron Jack was proclaimed the leader for being one of the brightest beings in that place and he promised the inhabitants of Ingtron that he would get them out of there. Unfortunately he was consumed by the negative vibes of Ingtron which made him more and more evil, half of the inhabitants of Ingtron who were not consumed by the negative vibes decided to leave Jack's ideas, so two sides were created in Ingtron one good led by Professor Chemy while the other group which was evil was led by Jack.