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Jack Sparrow is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Captain Jack Sparrow was given pirate lordship over the Caribbean by his father, Captain Edward Teague. At some point after committing an act of piracy, he was branded a pirate by the East India Company. In order to be free and sail the seas, he had Davy Jones raise a ship, the Black Pearl, from the oceans' depths for him, and Davy Jones gave him thirteen years captaincy before he had to serve aboard Jones' Flying Dutchman for 100 years. Jack then acquired a crew for his ship, however after two years he gave up the bearing to the mystical Isla de Muerta, the home of a fabulous cursed treasure, by use of his magic compass. His first mate, Hector Barbossa, mutinied against him and marooned him on an island with nothing but a pistol with one shot. After three days, Jack was able to barter his way off the island with some rum-runners. Over the next ten years he became famous in pirate lore by convincing the public he escaped by wading in the shallows and escaping on a raft of sea turtles.

In The Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack arrives in Port Royal in search of a ship. He narrowly escapes James Norrington and his men after he rescues Elizabeth Swann from drowning. He is confronted by Will Turner in a blacksmith's shop and the two duel, but Jack is knocked unconscious by John Brown, and put in a cell. While Jack is imprisoned, Port Royal is attacked by the now cursed Black Pearl, and Elizabeth is taken prisoner. Jack learns that Will Turner is the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, a member of his former crew who was sent to the depths of the sea for standing up to Barbossa after the mutiny, and agrees to help Will pursue the Pearl. They commandeer a ship and make for Tortuga to recruit a crew, including Jack's old friend, Joshamee Gibbs. When they arrive at Isla De Muerta, Will betrays Jack and leaves him behind to rescue Elizabeth. The Pearl chases and overtakes them, and Will reveals himself to be Bootstrap's descendant. Barbossa maroons Jack on the same island with Elizabeth, who sets most of the island on fire with the rum supplies. Shortly afterwards, they are rescued by the Royal Navy. Jack provides Norrington with a bearing to Isla De Muerta, and, on arriving, agrees to go ashore and lure the pirates out. When most of the cursed crew have left, he duels Barbossa and, just as Will lifts the curse, shoots his former first mate with his one shot. He then escapes Navy custody and joins his new crew aboard the Black Pearl.

As Dead Man's Chest opens, time is running out on Jack's deal with Davy Jones. He infiltrates a Turkish prison to find information about Jones, and escapes with a drawing of the key to the Dead Man's Chest, which contains Jones' still-beating heart. That night, he is confronted below deck by Bootstrap Bill - now part of Davy Jones' crew - and marked with the Black Spot, meaning that an ancient sea beast, the Kraken, has been sent after him. In a panic, Jack beaches his ship on the nearest island, Pelegosto. The crew is captured by Cannibals, who believe that Jack is a god, intending to release him by roasting him alive and then eating him. With help from Will Turner, they escape the island. Will insists he needs Jack's compass, and Jack offers it to him in exchange for Will's help in finding the key. After getting information from Tia Dalma, Will is sent aboard a doomed ship to "settle Jack's debt." When Jones declines, Jack makes a deal to acquire an additional ninety-nine souls. He attempts to recruit crewmen in Tortuga, taking on former Commodore Norrington, now a disgraced pirate, as well as Elizabeth Swann, who is searching for Will. Using her and his compass, Jack gets a bearing to the Dead Man's Chest, which will give him leverage over Jones. However, both Will and Norrington want the chest for their own reasons, and a sword fight ensues. Norrington secures the heart, and Jones summons his Kraken against the Black Pearl. Elizabeth binds Jack to the ship's mast to ensure the crew's escape, and the Pearl, along with Jack, is dragged to Davy Jones' Locker.

In At World's End, Jones has declared war on all pirates at the behest of Cutler Beckett of the East India Company, to whom Norrington traded Jones' heart in exchange for reinstatement in the royal Navy and promotion from his former rank as commodore to admiral. The Nine Pirate Lords must convene the Brethren Court to deal with Jones, but one of their number, Jack, the Lord of the Caribbean, is trapped in Davy Jones' Locker. The Locker is a desolate limbo where Jack suffers constant hallucinations and endless inactivity, his personal hell. With help from Tia Dalma and Sao Feng, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, Elizabeth and the former crew of the Black Pearl - including a resurrected Hector Barbossa - succeed in rescuing him and the ship. Upon their return they are captured by Cutler Beckett, but Sao Feng opens fire. Feng's ship is attacked by the Flying Dutchman and Feng is mortally wounded. As he dies, he passes his pirate lordship onto Elizabeth. The Brethren Court is convened and, with Jack's help, Elizabeth is elected the Pirate King. Elizabeth declares that the pirates must battle Jones and Cutler Beckett directly. In a parlay, Elizabeth agrees to trade Jack for the captured Will Turner, knowing that this places Jack on board the Flying Dutchman with the Dead Man's Chest. Jack steals the Chest during the ensuing battle. When Will is mortally wounded by Jones, Jack helps Will to stab the heart, killing Jones and transferring his immortality onto Will. The Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman combine their power to destroy Cutler Beckett's flagship, the Endeavour, catching Beckett completely off guard. Without Beckett relaying orders, the surviving crew abandon ship, the war being lost against the invincible Flying Dutchmen. However, after celebrating the victory on Tortuga, Jack once again loses the Black Pearl to a second mutiny by Barbossa. Undeterred, he sets sail in a dinghy to locate the fabled Fountain of Youth.

In On Stranger Tides, Jack is arrested in London by King George II's soldiers, but escapes, and is forced aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of Blackbeard, by his daughter, Angelica. He then finds out that the ship is headed for the Fountain of Youth. They need the tears of a mermaid so that whoever drinks the waters of the Fountain from the goblet with the tear will get all the life left from the one who drinks from the goblet without the tear, killing them. So they head for Whitecap Bay to abduct a mermaid. Scrum, Philip Swift, and several of the other crewmen wade out in long boats to capture a mermaid. Tamara is lured to the boat by Scrum's singing, and nearly drags him down to his death before a whole herd of mermaids attacks them. Jack blows up the lighthouse in attempts to scare off the multitude of mermaids that have them completely outnumbered, and all but Syrena, who is trapped under a piece of falling debris from the lighthouse after saving Philip from it. She is captured and taken by the crew, and eventually her and Philip develop mutual feeling for each other, something noticed by Blackbeard and used to manipulate her into giving up a tear. They reach the Fountain, but before they can drink from it, a fight breaks out between the crew and the Royal Navy sent there by the King George II to find the Fountain. Barbossa, now a privateer captain for England, stabs Blackbeard with his poisoned sword in revenge for Blackbeard staling his ship and making him amputate his own leg to escape. Angelica cuts herself trying to pull out the sword, and with both of them about to die, Jack readies the chalices so that one of them may live. Jack sets up Blackbeard's demise, therefore saving Angelica's life, by lying about which cup had the tear, knowing that Blackbeard would save himself by killing his daughter. After Blackbeard's death, Barbossa takes the Queen Anne's Revenge along with its crew, becoming a pirate once again. Jack strands Angelica on the same desert island that he was twice stranded on, leaving her a pistol with only one shot, which she wastes by trying to shoot him, only to miss. After a while on the island, a voodoo doll Blackbeard made of Jack to manipulate him into doing what he wanted under threat of pain washes up on shore, leaving her the opportunity for revenge.

In Dead Men Tell No Tales, Jack is at his lowest point. He is an alcoholic, his crew are no longer loyal to him, he is believed to be dead and bad luck haunts him wherever he goes. After a failed bank robbery attempt in Saint Martin, his crew of six abandon him, leaving him on the Dying Gull, a tiny ship that has been stranded on land for months. Even Gibbs, Jack's loyal first mate, leaves Sparrow behind. Jack walks through a street in the town, drunk and miserable, and walks into a pub. Here, his alchohol problems get the best of him, and he trades his compass, his only remaining valuable possession, for a bottle of rum. However, unbeknownst to Sparrow, since he has betrayed his compass, his worst fear will now come true, his worst fear being death. So, Capitan Armando Salazar, a Spanish captain once defeated by Jack, is released from the Devil's Triangle and seeks to find and kill Jack. Jack is just about to drink his rum, when a British Redcoat shoots it out of his hand, then arrests him. In jail, he meets Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who tells him about Salazar hunting him, and of the Trident of Posiedon, which is the only thing that can free Will from his curse, and that can free Jack from his fate at the hands of Salazar. The next day, as Sparrow is to be beheaded and the witch Carina Smyth is to be hung, Henry and Jack's old crew arrive and rescue the two. However, Jack and his crew take Turner and Smyth captive and force them to lead them to the trident. Eventually, Jack's old crew finds out about Salazar, and abandons Carina, Henry and Jack, leaving them on a rowboat near Hangman's bay. At the same time, Salazar, who is being helped by Barbossa, catches up with Jack and sends his sharks to kill him. The trio manage to get to the island, but Salazar pursues. Salazar, however, cannot step on land, so Sparrow and his companiones run into the woods. They are captured by a gang of pirates, but Barbossa frees them. Barbossa is meant to be capturing them for Salazar, but double-crosses Salazar and helps Jack release the Pearl. However, Jack is betrayed; he, Carina and Henry are imprisoned as Barbossa looks for the Trident. But, the Royal Navy intervenes, and is about to attack the Pearl when Salazar arrives, and destroys the navy ship, killing everyone aboard, then attacks the Pearl. Jack fights Salazar, but is defeated. Before the Spaniard can kill him, they reach the island and Salazar flees. They discover the trident in an underwater tunnel in the ocean, but Salazar takes over Henry's body and attacks Jack. Henry and Carina break the trident, lifting every curse at sea, but the tunnel starts flooding with water. Jack's old crew lowers an anchor into the tunnel, and they attempt to escape, but Salazar does too, abandoning his crew. Barbossa sacrifices himself, killing Salazar but drowning in the tunnel. Jack becomes captain again, with his old crew and the pearl back. He witnesses Will and Elizabeth kiss, finding it revolting, and sails onward.


  1. Ending Blow
  2. Sword Switches
  3. Tracking (Jack's Compass)
  4. Winch