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Alright, what do you want?
— Jack when entering the game.
Hey guys, I’m Awesome Plush Productions!
— Jack’s second line when entering the game.

Jack Productions is one of the Story Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions. He appears in the Awesome Plush Productions Story Pack for the Awesome Plush Productions franchise.


Jack started off living with only his brother and a tiger named Tondra, Stay Puft, and a zombie cat named Stitches. However, Jahrfy came to the house and Jack was initially interested in him, but he started doing things he didn’t like, such as saying his first word was ”butthole” and throwing a Potato Head from the balcony. He then beat him up for it causing Jahrfy to have to wear a full-body cast. He later appears as the protagonist for the rest of the series.

Destruction’s Rule

Jack appears as a prominent character in the level Awesome Havoc Productions. He is going into the basement with his camera, and gets put in a chokehold by Thanos. After the heroes defeat Thanos, who got away with the element, he thanks them for saving his life, and gets to work on cleaning the mess in the basement.


  • Super Strength
  • Cracked LEGO Walls
  • Target (Gun)
  • Mini Access
  • Hacking
  • Intelligence
  • Stealth
  • Illumination (Phone Light)


I can’t take this anymore, I’m out!
— Jack when leaving the game.
Crap, I gotta get ready for a video premiere!
— Jack’s second line when leaving the game.
This is ridiculous!
— Jack when unable to solve a puzzle.
Fine. Can’t you morons do anything yourselves?
— Jack when solving a puzzle.
You okay there Red? You look a bit murderous!
— Jack when seeing The Impostor.
Stay Puft! Wait, this isn’t the right one! The one I know has burn marks!
— Jack when seeing Stay Puft.
Nice to meet a fellow gamer!
— Jack when seeing Gamer Kid.
So Gav, how’s the upload status so far?
— Jack when seeing Gavin Productions.
Is that the one and only Betelgeuse? I love that movie!
— Jack when seeing Betelgeuse.
My bad!
— Jack’s response to Betelgeuse.
I think you might get along well with Jahrfy!
— Jack when seeing Jeffy.
Take a bullet to the face!
— Jack when in combat.
That was a huge mistake, buddy.
— Jack when respawning.
I hope none of the plush characters lay their hands on this!
— Jack when obtaining a collectible.
Come on! I don’t want this to be a repeat of when the other Awesome Plush Productions ripped off me!
— Jack when seeing Jack.
I’m gonna make you eat those words!
— Jack’s response to Jack.


  1. In Jack’s Dumb And Stupid Life, he is voiced by Awesome Plush Productions himself, who reprises his role in the game.
  2. The fact that he has Mini Access is a reference to how he can easily get into small spaces.
  3. His physical minifigure is based on the one that Awesome Plush Productions uses as himself.
  4. He, Marceline, Jeffy, and Betelgeuse are the only characters in the LEGO Dimensions series with standard minifigure legs to have Mini Access.