And... Touchdown! Jack Grayson, at your service!
— Jack's first line when entering the game
Jack Grayson
Jack Fig
Character Information
Name Jack Grayson
Gender Male
Franchise Dragonheart
Weapons/Accessories Sword, Rifle
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Scrap Metal Tank
Occupation Engineer, Guardian
Residence Underground Tunnels, Dragon Valley
Jack Grayson is one of the Dragonheart characters in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing alongside Cogs in the franchise's Team Pack.


Jack was once your average high-schooler. However, soon after the start of the school year, he was cursed with magic that had been in place for over a century, transferred to him from someone else. It was then that he caught wind of a wizard and a plot to initiate the end of the world. He armed himself with whatever he could, settling on a sword bought from a comic shop. He interfered with the wizard Richard's first ritual to summon the Destructor of World, Typhon, but was stopped by the demon's champion, Laura. The two banded together (Laura having been removed from her obligations) and went to stop Richard from freeing Typhon. They failed to stop the demon from appearing, but successfully subdued Richard and put Typhon back using a few specks of uranium, an old rifle, a smartphone-sized block of magnesium and a lightning rod.

He was later caught up in the plot of Dimension Travellers as he was caught by a rogue rift bouncing off of one sent by Lord Vortech. He met Torrent there, and the two shared in their adventure.



Hey there, Cogs. Everything OK?
— Jack reacting to Cogs
Torrent? How- You know what? I'm not going to ask. Nice to see you, bro.
— Jack reacting to Torrent
Oh, you must be Simon! Richard's told me a lot about you!
— Jack reacting to Simon Lancaster
Richard. I thought you were somehow involved in something like this.
— Jack reacting to Richard Faraday
You look like Torrent with all that gear. Are you sure you're not his future self or something?
— Jack reacting to Alabaster Dresden
Hey, I wonder what this does... Hopefully not explode or anything.
— Jack when obtaining a collectible
Sword's sharp, check... Gun's loaded, check... When can we move on? I wanna take down some bad guys!
— Jack while idle
Umm... How about NO?
— Jack when unable to solve a puzzle
It's alright guys. I got this!
— Jack when able to solve a puzzle
And now, real life presents more bad guy skullcracking...
— Jack after solving a puzzle
*hums Stone Tower Temple theme*
— Jack while in the mandala
*laughs* Good guess, but no. No, I was the unwilling recipient of a curse transfer a while back, and it left me with dragon's wings. I can completely take on the curse every now and then, but mostly it's just the wings.
— Jack's reply to Derek's response to Jack
— Jack's first line when leaving
In a sense, yes. It involves some crazy magic I don't really understand, though. Do you know anything about "rerum arcana"?
— Jack responding to Spyro


  • Technomagic
  • Precision
  • Flight
  • Big Transform - Jack's Curse overrides his Abilities, turning him into a dragon.
    • Cracked LEGO
    • Gold LEGO
      • Ice Melting
    • Flight


Entry: Jack glides out of the portal, rights himself and lands on both feet.

Idle: Jack reaches up and touches his Curse Crystal absentmindedly, checking his sword and rifle.

Exit: Jack dives into the portal, wings flared.

Attack / Combo: Jack swings his sword around.


  • Jack is the basis for Cogs, who came afterwards as a steampunk redesign.
  • Jack was inspired by - no joke - a Minecraft skin and a dream.

Character Tag

Jack Char Tag

Jack's tag is white and light grey, with a teal Dragonheart crystal at the front.

Dark Jack

Dark Jack
Character Information
Name Dark Jack
Gender Male
Franchise Dragonheart
Weapons/Accessories Saber Rapier, 9mm pistol
Vehicles and/or Gadgets None
Occupation Ex-hero
Residence Unknown
Dark Jack is a grittier version of Jack Grayson, unlocked after successfully completing Level 14. He shares a tag with the regular Jack, although is functionally just an alternate look.


Dark Jack differs from Jack in that he's now something of a recluse, regretting his choices in his quest, spending most of his time in a handful of small towns in Alberta and British Columbia, preferring the solitude of the Rocky Mountains to any human company. He spends his days there in anonymity, with nobody knowledgeable of his second identity as the dragon they've seen flying overhead. In Jack's words, "It's honestly very lonely, but it's what I want... and more than I deserve."

Dark Jack appears only in Level 14 for now, as no Dragonheart published works have appeared with him in them.




  • Idle: Jack checks the chamber of his pistol, and sharpens his sword.
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