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Jack "Killer" Bean

Killer Bean



  • Killer Bean Car
  • Cromwells Car

Golden Guns

Appear in:

Lego Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

"Dramatic Entrance"

- First Line when entering in the game.

Jack Bean (or better known as Killer Bean), is one of the Level Pack Characters that appear in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, belonging to the Killer Bean franchise.


Killer Bean is sent to Beantown to assassinate Dark Bean, a rogue member of the Shadow Bean agency. He is awoken by a bunch of gangster beans having a loud party. After initial warnings, he finds himself aggravated and ignored. As an act of annoyance he crashes the party in Killer Bean fashion, guns blazing. His rampage did not slip by the local authorities, which find the massacre he left behind, as well as his engraved golden bullets all over the warehouse. Detective Cromwell leads the case, initially believing this shooting to be a professional killing, carried out as a gang attack.

Afterward, he is seen awakening, scolded by his mysterious contractor for his recklessness and killing those he was not assigned to kill. Meanwhile, Cappuccino, boss of the local mafia, is seen enraged at his nephew's death, who was one of the victims of Killer Bean's rampage. He tasks Vagan, a bean who seems to be a hitman, with taking down Killer Bean.

After an encounter with Vagan at another of Cappuccino's warehouses, he meets Detective Cromwell at a local bar. Cromwell reveals his knowledge of the warehouse battle and suggests they team up. Killer Bean declines Cromwell's offer. A quick fight breaks out related with Vagan's note from the warehouse, and Cromwell is defeated.

Killer Bean heads to yet another warehouse, where he takes out more of Cappuccino's beans. More merc beans emerge, but none can defeat him. Vagan arrives and is finally able to capture Killer Bean. Killer Bean awakes tied to a chair, and is interrogated by Cappuccino. After learning nothing, Cappuccino signals for Killer Bean to be killed, since according to him, "His time was wasted". Killer Bean escapes from the chair and has a standoff with Vagan. Killer Bean reveals he has been sent to kill Vagan, who is actually Dark Bean. Cappuccino promptly flees, not before firing Vagan on the spot. Vagan then shoots Cappuccino in annoyance. He explains how the Shadow Beans are merely guns-for-hire and have lost all honor. Killer Bean denies this and shoots him.

After taking down Dark Bean, Killer Bean notices that his Communicator is disabled, confirming Dark Bean's story. Killer bean notices that he is in grave danger, and the police arrive. Killer Bean turns himself in, not wanting any fights with the authoritites.

His Assailant, the martial artist Jet bean, arrives in Beantown and attempts to locate Killer Bean in an effort to dispatch the now compromised Operative. As Jet Bean stumbles across the bloodbath that Dark Bean and Killer Bean have left behind, he attacks one of the police officers who are busy cleaning the mess up.

Jet Bean is arrested for assaulting the officer, but escapes with little effort, completely destroying the police force along the way. He finds Killer Bean in his cell and throws him his pistols to make the duel equal. After a long fight, Killer Bean wins by tossing a bullet and shooting it mid-air, propelling the round into Jet Bean's stomach. He calls the Shadow Agency voice to inform them that he is coming to kill them. Killer Bean claims all the police weapons and prepares to go to war against the Shadow Beans.


  • Target
  • Silver LEGO Blowup
  • Detective Mode
  • Dance
  • Acrobat
  • stealth


"Tell me about that senzu Beans"

- Killer Bean when seeing Picolo

"What is the secret government agency you work for?"

- Killer bean watching Ethan Hunt

"I think your party will be ruined".

- Killer bean watching The Joker

"Your lack of brain makes me sleepy".

- Killer Bean watching Lumpy

"This task is not for me, I don't understand why they called me".

- When Killer Bean can't solve a puzzle.

"I will call the agency so that next time they choose the right one".

- When Killer Bean can't solve a puzzle.

"Perfect this already got fun".

- When Killer Bean gets a collectible.


  • Vegas E. Trip reprise his role as Killer Bean

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