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Iron man Is a starter pack Character in LEGO Dimensions, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Franchise


In 2010 tony went to afghanistan to showcase jericho Missiles and other various weapons once done tony is on a convoy home when the ten rings attacks tony. Tony wakes up in a cave where he finds a magnet in his chest and then he meets a man named yisan. the ten rings orders tony to build a weapon for them, Tony and Yisan build a ark rector to go in tony's chest but now They need a weapon to escape tony gets the idea to build a suit which later he nicknames Mk1 with it he escapes.


  1. Laser Beams
  2. Flight
  3. Rockets
  4. Shield


She loves me 3000

How bout that

He's on the young side

Give me my Rody

That's my shield

you lose this again im keeping it



  • Tom cruise was gonna be iron man before robert.
  • Iron-man wasn't a well known comic book character before the Mcu
  • Stan Lee thought downey was perfect for the role