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Yes! I’m the impostor!
— Impostor when entering the game.
No one leaves alive!
— Impostor’s second line when entering the game.

Impostor is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions. He appears in the Among Us Team Pack for the Among Us Franchise.


Within every match in Among Us, there can be anywhere from one to three Impostors, with each sharing the same goal of killing everyone who is not one of them. Due to this, instead of having the ability to complete tasks, they have a variety of other abilities they can use in an attempt to end the lives of their foes. Of course, their main ability is to kill anyone near them, by either shooting out their barbed tongue from their mouth (located in their midsection), snapping their neck, or simply using a knife or pistol. Alongside this, they have the ability to either cause certain objects to malfunction (With effects ranging from a critical sabotage causing the Crewmates to die instantly if not fixed, obscure tasks by messing with communications, causing the lights to break down to allow the player to have an easier time killing or escaping under the cover of darkness, or shutting doors), hide in or move across vents for easy movement options, and having the usual ability to report bodies and use objects to reduce suspicion around them.

Once a body has been discovered or the emergency button is pressed, the usual meeting begins, with players meant to use the time to discuss on their knowledge or suspicions regarding their suspects and vote those they deem to be likely an Impostor out. As an Impostor, a common tactic is to pin blame on a Crewmate or falsify a testimony in order to have an innocent be voted out. If an Impostor themselves is voted out yet another Impostor/other Impostors remain, the ghost of the Impostor is still able to sabotage machines from beyond the grave, although they lose the ability to kill. Impostors can also report bodies, although these "self-reports" are very risky.

The Impostors win if the amount of surviving Crewmates ever equals their numbers or if a critical sabotage such as a reactor or O2 failure is not fixed, and they lose if all of them are voted out or if the Crewmates complete all of their tasks before the stated Impostor win conditions.

Destruction’s Rule

He first appears in Super Dimensions Bros. hopping out of a warp pipe and attempting to kill the heroes by controlling a Piranha Plant against its will by shoving his knife into its head. However, he is defeated when he is fed to the Piranha Plant.

Later, he is seen in Foundation Elements Among Us trying to take the emergency meeting air horn, which happened to be the foundation element, but he is defeated once again by getting ejected.


  • Vine Cut
  • Target (Gun)
  • Sword Switches (Knife)
  • Warp Pipe
  • Vent Access
  • Hacking (Sabotage)
  • Drone Access (Mini Crewmate)
  • Color change (Blue, Yellow, Green, Lime, Teal, Brown, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Fortegreen)


Yes! The Impostors win!
— Impostor when leaving the game.
Oh right. I’m an impostor, so I can’t do tasks.
— Impostor when unable to solve a puzzle.
If you want to keep your head, just let me do this.
— Impostor when solving a puzzle.
Hmmm...if I kill all these people, I’m gonna look sus. Ah, who cares?
— Impostor when in combat.
Time for a color change. Maybe I’ll give the Impostor color some diversity.
— Impostor when changing colors.
Well, that was fast.
— Impostor when respawning.
This will make great crewmate bait.
— Impostor when obtaining a collectible.
You know what? Since you wear red I’ll spare you. But just this once.
— Impostor when seeing Jack Productions.
Wait, you’re a ghost? I don’t remember killing you!
— Impostor when seeing Betelgeuse.
Don’t. Move. A. Muscle!
— Impostor’s response to Crewmate.
I hope this isn’t the Crewmate bodyguard.
— Impostor when seeing a mech or giant character.
I am in control of The Skeld! Time to leak the oxygen!
— Impostor when riding The Skeld.
Guess we’re on two impostor mode now.
— Impostor when seeing Impostor.


  1. In Among Us, he is mute. In LEGO Dimensions 2, he is voiced by Christopher Swindle, who also voices Betelgeuse.
  2. He is the only non-Super Mario character to have the Warp Pipe ability.
  3. Like Crewmate, when he dies, he will lose his whole top half and have a bone in his legs before respawning.