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An Illager is a type of hostile mob that regularly spawns in woodland mansions, patrols, raids, and pillager outposts. All Illagers are hostile towards players, Villagers, Wandering Traders and Iron Golems. Illagers look like villagers, except that they're grey and pale with "L" eyebrows.

Types of Illagers

Regular Illagers

Illager Equipped With Abilities/Note Health
Pillager Crossbow
  • Attacks in groups.
  • Can fire arrows.
24 Hearts
Vindicator Iron Axe
  • Attacks in groups of 1-3.
  • Can break down wooden doors.
24 Hearts
Evoker None
  • Summons Vexes.
  • Summons Evoker Fangs.
  • Changes a blue Sheep's wool color to red.
24 Hearts
Ravager None
  • Bites their target.
  • Ram enemies with their head.
100 Hearts
Witch Potions
  • Attacks their enemies with splash potions of Poison, Slowness, Weakness, and Harming.
  • Heals Illagers during raids with their splash potions of Healing.
  • Heal themselves with their potions of Healing.
  • Protect themselves from fire using potions of Fire Resistance.
  • Prevents drowning in water using potions of Water Breathing.
  • Runs faster using potions of Swiftness.
26 Hearts


Illager Name Enchanted Weapons/Armor Abilities/Notes Health
Pillager Multishot Pillager Crossbow (Multishot I)
Pillager Quick Charge Pillager Crossbow (Quick Charge III)
Pillager Piercing Pillager Crossbow (Piercing)
Pillager Iron Pillager Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Iron Leggings, Iron Boots
  • Pillagers wear full Iron Armor.
Pillager Rapid Fire Pillager Crossbow
  • Fires arrows continuously at a faster rate.
Pillager Punch-Out Pillager Bow (Punch II)
Pillager Pillager Bowman Bow
  • Fast reload speed.
Pillager Poisonous Pillager Crossbow
  • Shoots Arrows of Poison.
Pillager Harmful Pillager Crossbow
  • Shoots Arrows of Harming.
Pillager Rapid Fire Pillager Bowman Bow
  • Fires arrows much faster than regular Pillager Bowmen.
Pillager Wither Sickening Pillager Crossbow
  • Fires arrows of Decay.
Pillager Diamond Pillager Crossbow, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots
  • Increases durability.
  • Defense Points shows upon spawning.
Pillager Netherite Pillager Crossbow, Netherite Helmet, Netherite Chestplate, Netherite Leggings, Netherite Boots
  • Increases durability
Pillager Triple Threat Pillager Crossbow (Quick Charge III, Piercing IV, Multishot I)
  • Faster reload speed
  • Pierce through players.
  • Fires three arrows.
Vindicator Lumberjack Iron Axe (Efficiency V)
Vindicator Door Slasher Iron Axe (Sharpness V)
Vindicator Cursed Vindicator Iron Axe (Curse of Vaniishing I)
Vindicator Looter Pillager Iron Axe (Looting III)
Vindicator Illager's Fortune Iron Axe (Fortune III)
Vindicator Knockback Illager Iron Axe (Knockback II)
Vindicator Cleaveland Iron Axe (Cleaving III)
Vindicator Unbreakable Iron Axe (Unbreaking III)