House Party is a Venture: Bounty level in LEGO Dimensions.


Prisco Sigourrson convinces Robert and Robyn Jacob, now almost completely soulless, to host a party for Soren Helt and his group of mercenaries, who wish to reclaim their beloved nation of Swinton from the Void Monsters who have annihilated half of Planet Venture's first-world countries. Sigourrson proposes that the amazed Robert and Robyn join the expedition. The other members scorn the idea, but Robert and Robyn join anyways.



Follow the ghost stud trail up to the Jacobs’ house to begin this chapter.


Once the level starts inside the Jacobs’ House, smash the cardboard box to the right of the door to find a key. Take the key and use it to unlock the door.

In the next room, crush the shelves on the right and then build a platform next to the shelves. Switch to Cheda and hit the left side of the shelves with your sledgehammer to clear the way to the next room.

Head left to the kitchen and then to the dining room. Break the cabinet to the left of the window, then build the Instruction Build workbench. Stand in front of the workbench and build the table and chairs to launch a cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, find three foods and deliver them to the table (one at a time).

Switch to Oren and use his sniper rifle to shoot the target above the sausage link. Pick one of the sausages up and deliver it to the table.

In the next room, smash the shelves to the left to bring down the bag of chips. Pick up the bag of chips and bring it to the table.

Switch to Oren and use his hatchet to break open the cracked wall at the far end of the chain of rooms, bringing down the shelves and the avocado. Pick up the avocado and deliver it to the table to begin the next cutscene.

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