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High Stakes Dimension is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.

Story Mode Plot

While recovering from their encounter with the Weeping Angels, Andy and his friends are informed by X-PO that they're going to Foundation Prime to find a powerful item that would help them in their quest to defeat the tyrannical Grand Emperor Enoch.

They arrive at Foundation Prime and look around for the Temple of Foundation. At one point in their search, a safe path to the Temple was destroyed by rockets, followed by Lord Vortech's laugh. They eventually arrive at the Temple and encounter Azog the Defiler. The heroes use the Locate Keystone to summon Thorin Oakenshield and make their way to the room, where Grand Emperor Enoch was. The remaining Temple Guardians wake up and fight the heroes, who they thought are intruders. The Guardians told the heroes that someone had the weapon already and take them to a room containing the Fountain of Foundation. Andy sees a horrifying vision inside the Fountain where Grand Emperor Enoch rules a new Multiverse and decides to return home, entering a rift back to Vorton with his friends.

At Bricktroville, Grand Emperor Enoch informs President Darke via hologram that Andy is returning home and orders him to gather up his soldiers fast.


Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%

  • TBA



Prime Time