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Hideout Helm is one of the many locations in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Donkey Kong franchise.


Hideout Helm is the eighth and final world in Donkey Kong 64.


Hideout Helm is the interior of King K. Rool's mechanical island, the home and headquarters of the Kremling Krew. The goal of this world is to first shut down King K. Rool's Blast-O-Matic machine before it becomes fully operational and destroys Donkey Kong Island, and second to reach K. Rool's throne room. Succeeding in this utilizes most of the skills that the Kongs have accumulated throughout the game.

This world has no Golden Bananas or regular bananas to collect, and the Kongs have an infinite supply of Crystal Coconuts at their disposal to navigate the obstacles.

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