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Hekama is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.


Cybern Quest

Hekama was a childhood friend of Cybern, born in Cybernia to mage parents. Learning sorcery, swordplay, and alchemy at a young age, she and Cybern would share their skills as they grew up. When Lunoz attacked, the two were put into cryosleep. After wandering the Overworld, she and Cybern reunited and fell in love with each other after he vanquished the corrupted dragon for the first time. After meeting with Cybern, she discovered that she was a half-dragon, just like him. After joining him, Zarrus, Endi, and Creepz, she served as the Dragonfire Guild's mage.

Shattered Multiverse

Hekama's ready to tour the multiverse, and hopefully aside Cybern. She's quite curious as to what's beyond the Quantum River...


  • Acrobatics (double-jump)
  • Dragon Transform
    • Flight
    • Super Strength
    • Sonar Smash
    • Laser (High Pressure Water Shot)
  • Magic
  • Intelligence
  • Diffindo
  • Water Spray
  • Rune Translation
  • Wind Push
  • Alchemy Docks (Can apply Healing, Poison, or Invulnerability)


  • Hekama and Blurri are great friends. Their tag-team name in the Choose Your Fighter! comic is "Princess Pals." This name also carries into Sketch Arena alongside other tag-team names.
    • Hekama is also great friends with Strongarm, as he and Hekama share a fondness for spicy food, as well as being great battle partners. However, the two are simply friends, as Hekama is in love with Cybern first and foremost.
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