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Heavy-Duty Mixium Cannon
Heavy-Duty Mixium Cannon
Owner Blurri
Abilities Creativium and Destructivium LEGO

Silver LEGO Blowup

Set Blurri Fun Pack

The Heavy-Duty Mixium Cannon is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch gadget in LEGO Dimensions. It is an alternate build of the SS Mixium and is included in the Blurri Fun Pack.


  • Creativium and Destructivium LEGO
  • Silver LEGO Blowup


  • This is a ground-turret vehicle and can only rotate when piloted. The other ground-turrets include the Proton Zapper, the Pixelator Pod, and the Slime Shooter.
  • This, the Lunge Trapper, and the K-9 Laser Cutter are the only gadgets that are constructed from vehicles.
  • The Mixium Cannon's barrel circuitry has the yellow on the left and purple on the right. This is usually only possible if enough Creativium and Destructivium are present.
  • The Festive-Grade Mixium Cannon is the only variant vehicle to not have its variant name in front of the original.