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Heat Wave
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Franchise: Arrowverse
Accesories: Flame Drowing
Appear In:

LEGO Dimensions 2

Powers Collision

Heat Wave is one of the Polybag Characters in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, he belogns to the Arrowverse Franchise.


Mick Rory, nicknamed Heat Wave by Cisco Ramon, is a pyromaniac, formerly a sci-fi romance novelist under the pen name Rebecca Silver,the Recluse of Romance, and the former criminal partner of the late Leonard Snart/Captain Cold; both were adversaries of the Flash.

In January 2016, Mick and Snart were recruited by Rip Hunter into the Legends, a time-traveling team of superheroes dedicated to hunting down Vandal Savage and preventing his uprising in 2166. Considered "supervillains" in comparison to the rest of their team, Mick and Snart were seen as outcasts. Though both initially joined to exploit the potentials of time travel Snart came to be genuine about the cause whereas Mick did not, leading to a falling out between them when Mick betrayed the team to time pirates for his own safety. As a result, Snart was forced to maroon Mick in an unknown time period, but he was found by the Time Masters and brainwashed into becoming a temporal bounty hunter named Chronos. Under this guise Mick traveled back in time and hunted down his old team during their initial ventures through time, but was eventually exposed and captured by the Legends who reformed him. Mick continued to be a reluctant member of the team after becoming a target of the Time Masters for his failure. After Snart's sacrifice to save him and end the corrupted Time Masters, Mick finally became genuine about the cause too. After aiding in Savage's death Mick decided to remain on the team.

For the next 6 months Mick aided the team in correcting aberrations to the timeline, though still partook in thieving whenever possible, eventually encountering Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and his team. Recently Mick has begun to display amicable affections for fellow team member and JSA war hero Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, which has caused him to question his place on the team having been both a hero and a villain in the manifestation of a hallucination of Snart's criminal self. After encountering a version of Snart, from a point in the timeline prior to joining the Legends, recruited him into the Legion of Doom, Mick came to believe the Legends never valued him and he sided with the Legion, allowing them to obtain the Spear of Destiny and rewrite reality. However, in the new reality Mick, who retained his knowledge of how reality had been before using the Spear, made the right decision and sided with the Legends when he realized that his real place was with them.

After the defeat of the Legion of Doom, Mick remained on the team to continue protecting the timeline. When the Legends went up against the demon Mallus, Mick was made the bearer of the Fire Totem. After the defeat of the demon, Mick returned his totem to Kuasa. After that, Mick and the Legends had assisted by the Time Bureau are tracking magical creatures once locked in the same prison as Mallus and this is concluded by the majority of the fugitives arrested or rehabilitated in the amusement park Heyworld.

After Crisis, Mick passed his mantle of Rebecca Silver to Mona Wu. During a mission to 2004, Mick met his old flame Ali, with whom he quickly rekindled a romance and unknowingly fathered a child.


  • Laser
  • Melt Gold
  • Melt Ice
  • Super Strenght Handless
  • Time Machine Puzzle
  • Drone

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