The Health Bar is the location where the character's hearts and icon are located. Each LEGO 1001 Spears Vega franchise has a different Health Bar. All alternate skins and changeable characters will have the same health bar as their respective franchise.


Venture Health Bar

All the Venture characters have their Health Bar themed after the fluid tanks used to display health in Venture. Upon damage, the specific tank is shown chipped with the solution leaking out. Depending on the character, the tanks are either white (Robert Jacob and Dlab), purple (Wyveslender), or full of acetone peroxide (Pipipi).


All the Morphers character have Morpher Wheels for Hearts. Upon damage, the Morpher Wheel is depicted Norphed and fragmented.


All rebels have their hearts as the Resistance logo, with it halved upon damage. All Morums have their hearts as the Morum logo, with it also halved upon damage.


All the BIOMECHA have their hearts themed after their Kanohi Helmet, with it disappearing upon damage.


All Uplanders have their hearts as the hearts from Upland, getting cut in half upon damage.

Abomination Defense

All Abomination Defense characters have their hearts as regular, but bleeding and veining upon damage.

Crash Potatoes

All Crash Potatoes characters have their hearts as Crash Potatoes' face, with half of it fading upon damage.

Galaxy Adventures

All Galaxy Adventures characters have their hearts and damaged hearts as normal in LEGO games.


All Metaworld characters have their hearts as the Metaworld logo, with half of it vanishing upon damage.


All Metachargers have their hearts as the Metamotor, with it defaced upon damage.

Jonah's Missions

All Jonah's Missions characters have their hearts as skyscrapers, with them being leveled upon damaged.

Finn Army

All Finn Army characters have their hearts as pants, with them turning into lingerie upon damage.

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