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Let’s get this party started!
— Harley Quinn when entering the game.
Finally, I’m out of jail!
— Harley Quinn’s second line when entering the game.

Harleen Francis Quinzel is one of the Character Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions. She is one of 10 characters in the LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions Character Packs for the DC Comics franchise.


Harleen Frances Quinzel was born on July 20, 1990 in Gotham City. Harley's family life was largely dysfunctional as her drunkard father constantly tried to abandon her though she always found her way back home. At some point in her childhood, he sent her to an orphanage run by a nuns in which her attitude landed her into multiple trouble to the point that Harley smashed a nun with an oar.

Upon reaching high school, Harley became known as a model student, achieving excellent grades as well as extensive gymnastics training. For her efforts, she was rewarded a full scholarship to Gotham City University where she majored in Psychiatry for her undergraduate degree, receiving supervision under Dr. Odin Markus. There she experienced several heartbreaks and was known to have had at least one boyfriend named Guy Kopski.

When creating her thesis, Harley was known to have courted trouble. The subject of Harley's thesis centered around the circumstances by which a person would disregard the rules of society. According to her thesis a person would only commit to such an action under two distinct circumstances: 1) When they commit a crime or 2) when they're in love. Harley then proposed to Dr. Markus a way by which this hypothesis could be examined. She would use herself and her boyfriend Guy as subjects, exploiting their relationship and putting it to the test.


  1. Target (Gun)
  2. Super Strength
  3. Cracked LEGO Walls
  4. Tracking (Bruce)
  5. Dig (Bruce)
  6. Acrobatic
  7. Hazard Protection
  8. Dive

Quotes I going back to jail already?
— Harley Quinn when leaving the game.
So long, suckas!
— Harley Quinn’s second line when leaving the game.
Ooooh! My favorite part of the day!
— Harley Quinn when in combat.
Time to put the “bat,” in combat! Hahaha!
— Harley Quinn’s second line when in combat.
— Harley Quinn when unable to solve a puzzle.
Alright, *chuckle*.
— Harley Quinn when solving a puzzle.
You know I’m over you, Puddin’!
— Harley Quinn when seeing The Joker.
Hey girl! Let’s get you some real clothes!
— Harley Quinn when seeing the original Harley Quinn.
Puddin’! You look different!
— Harley Quinn when seeing Betelgeuse.
Destruction! I like that name!
— Harley Quinn when seeing Queen Destruction.
You’re not Killer Croc, but you sure are big!
— Harley Quinn when seeing a mech or giant character.
We’re bad guys! It’s what we do!
— Harley Quinn when obtaining a collectible.
Woo! I’m back!
— Harley Quinn when respawning.
Oooh! Nice clothes! Wait, am I seeing double?
— Harley Quinn when seeing Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad).


  1. In Suicide Squad, she is voiced by Margot Robbie, who reprises her role in the game.
  2. She is the second physical variation of a character in the LEGO Dimensions series, the first being Excalibur Batman.
  3. The fact that she has Hazard Protection is a reference to Ace Chemicals.