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Birthday Bash Guardian-Cycle

Guardian Cycle
Owner AnthonyM
Abilities Accelerator Switches


Tow Bar

Set AnthonyM Story Pack

AnthonyM Holiday Pack

The Guardian-Cycle is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is AnthonyM's personal vehicle and is included in the AnthonyM Story Pack.



The Guardian-Cycle was designed by Techo to run on Creativium and Destructivium power cells, as well as hover over gaps and water. It is ridden by laying down on the seat portion and gripping the controls. It made its debut in the mission "A New Set of Wheels!"

Birthday Bash Guardian-Cycle

A second Guardian-Cycle was constructed with a few extra bells and whistles, including confetti shooters and a storage in the seat for other party favors. This was also made by Techo, in his want to help out the Birthday Bash Initiative.

LEGO Dimensions

The vehicle had to be reconstructed by AnthonyM before he left to the Guardian's Sanctum. To find the parts he had to utilize his Laser, Arcanus Summon, and Acrobatics abilities. To build the vehicle, he had to Master Build it together.


  • Accelerator Switches
  • Hover
  • Tow Bar


  • The Guardian-Cycle has the same "purple left, yellow right" color scheme that Guardians wear.
  • By rotating the analog stick in a circle, the vehicle will perform a Shred Spin. This maneuver was possible due to the hover jets in the wheels.
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