"Never show compassion, never show remorse, what's in your possession will be taken by force."
-Grand Emperor Enoch
The Grand Empire is a fictional and main antagonistic faction in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch under the command of Grand Emperor Enoch.


Prior to the events of Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, Lord Enoch recruited prisoners from across the Multiverse to create armor and weapons for his army.

One of the prisoners, Evilina, fell in love with the dark lord at the point where she married and bore two children with him, Eron and Elena. However, Evilina died due to unknown conditions.

After his first defeat, Enoch was then sent to the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum where he stayed for 700 years.


After 700 years, Enoch escapes the Asylum, murders the king with the help of his kids, fellow inmates and more prisoners who joined him.

Later in 25 years, Enoch formed the Grand Empire, built his castle on Tyranus, ordered his soldiers to steal the Foundation Elements and use them to become immortal and powerful.

Grand Interdimensional War

When Enoch declared war on Andy Starheart, he recruited the most powerful villains from the Multiverse in an attempt to attain supremacy and win the war.

During the war, they ravage and steal the Foundation Elements for their master while several of them fell into the Iron Resistance.

Fate of the Multiverse

The Grand Empire and Foundation Crime become allies and fought alongside Thanos' Black Order, Darkseid's Elite, the First Order, the Galactic Empire, Gray Mann's Robots, the Wither Skeleton Army, the Ender Empire, Saruman's Army, the Outriders, the Chitauri, Brainiac's Clone Army, among others and failed to stop the heroes from defeating Enoch. From that point on, the Grand Empire began to fall after the death of their leader and the destruction of Tyranus.

Emblem and Flag

The emblem of the Grand Empire resembles the Toy Tag but colored in black and red.

The flag of the Grand Empire is covered in pure gold, possibly due to how rich Enoch is.


Flag of the Grand Empire
Banner of the Grand Empire
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