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"All of the Multiverse will bow to me!"

—Grand Emperor Enoch's first line when entering the game

"I shall slaughter all who dares to oppose me!"

—Grand Emperor Enoch's second line when entering the game

"All hail the Grand Emperor!"

—Grand Emperor Enoch's third line when entering the game.

Grand Emperor Enoch, Lord Enoch, lesser known by his birth name Enoch Evilyan, or simply Enoch, is one of the Polybag characters and titular main antagonist in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch and husband of Evilina, later "widower" and father of Eron and Elena.


Enoch's homeworld, Oklarthia.

Enoch Evilyan was born on November 9, 1888 in a planet years before it's terraformation into the dark world known to many as Oklarthia. He was convicted in 1900 for the murder of over 700 people and had been on death row for 120 consecutive years at Marx County Penitentiary. While in jail, he has gained something of a reputation for his skills in art with his propaganda posters and what he terms his "power fantasy".

Enoch's Great Escape

As the main villain in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, he stayed in prison and awaiting execution after 120 years. After appearing before the executioner, his two children and prisoners appear out of the Rift and start to destroy everything around, allowing Enoch to evade the executioner and making a government of his own. He then kills the leader and declares his intention on ruling the multiverse by using the power of the current Foundation Elements to do so. Enoch then met Skella (secretly the reincarnation of Evilina) and eventually got into a relationship with her. At his castle, he killed the famous James McBrick by absorbing his Creation Spark into his crystal, then he smirks and laughs at his now empty body.

Interdimensional War


Many years later, Enoch declares war on the Secret Society of Justice and unleashes his Grand Empire to retrieve the Foundation Elements and stop the heroes: Andy Abernathy, Elizabeth Amana, Walter Abernathy, Christina Hardt, Donathan Yelnats, Braum, Braun, and Hugo from doing so.

Widow vs. Widowmaker


Fortress of Servitude

Grand Emperor Enoch arrives in the city to congratulate newly-elected President Rafael Darke and orders him to be ready for Andy and his friends.

Dreams of K. Roolty


Legion of Doomsday

In Enoch's Throne Room, Doomsday presents Superman's corpse to the Grand Emperor, who orders him to partner up with Darkseid to obtain the Arkenstone.

Inseid Information

When Doomsday and Darkseid blame each other for their failure at the Lonely Mountain, Enoch angrily silences them and threatens them to fuse them together if they fail him again.

Darkseid of the Force

Back at Enoch's Castle, the furious Grand Emperor Enoch fuses Darkseid and Doomsday together into one being as a promised punishment for their second failure.

Parr-ty Crash

When the Underminer and Bomb Voyage arrive in Enoch's Throne Room, the Grand Emperor himself offers them money if they help him obtain the Foundation Elements.

Death Eaten

Lord Voldemort arrives at Enoch's Castle and presents the Elder Wand to him. Enoch is then informed by his cubic companion, EX-PO, that he used the Foundation Elements to calculate the dimensional co-ordinates of Foundation Prime.


Arriving in Foundation Prime, Grand Emperor Enoch begins to search for allies.

Bartman Forever

Grand Emperor Enoch arrives at the Cathedral of the Cosmos and meets Foundation Crime. He offers the crime syndicate jewels and gold if they help him get the Foundation Elements.

Catastrophic Events

At the Temple of Foundation, Grand Emperor Enoch and Foundation Crime take down the Temple Guardians and steal the Gauntlet of the Gods. Enoch then opens a rift to send them to Enoch's Castle.

This Is The End

Back in Enoch's Throne Room, Enoch is informed by Bellosh that he and his underlings failed to obtain the Foundation Element, to which Enoch tells him he will get them all anyway.

Weep What You Sow

Grand Emperor Enoch communicates with President Darke via hologram, ordering the political puppet to sign a bill that would allow the Grand Empire to take permanent ownership of property.

High Stakes Dimension

Enoch is seen in a vision shown to Andy Abernathy, brutally killing all of the heroes and using his power to destroy the Multiverse. Enoch feels Andy's presence and orders President Darke to destroy the returning heroes.


When the heroes defeat President Darke, Grand Emperor Enoch comes out of the shadows to personally confront the heroes. Despite their best efforts, Grand Emperor Enoch overpowers the heroes and kidnaps Elizabeth Amana to force Andy to give up the Foundation Elements.

Fate of the Multiverse

Grand Emperor Enoch sends a broadcast message to the entire Multiverse and demands everyone to surrender. While he holds Liz hostage, he kills Andy's brother Dean by taking his Creation Spark (soul). Sometime after Andy enters his throne room, Enoch reveals that he, through Vaden, forced the boy to collect the Foundation Elements, enabling the Grand Emperor to claim all of their powers at once and use them to destroy the Multiverse and recreate it to what he sees fit to his rule. After the first phase of the final battle, Enoch uses his powers to bring the castle down on the heroes, causing him to pass out. Just as the heroes were about to take back the Foundation Elements, Enoch breaks out of the rubble and drains all of their powers using the Gauntlet. Enoch then summons a fleet of Star Dreadnoughts and begins to use the combined powers of the Foundation Elements on everyone. After an intense game of tug of war, Andy eventually takes the Gauntlet away from Enoch and overwhelms him with the elements' combined power, killing him and starting a chain reaction of explosions across the surface of Tyranos.


In the post-credits scene, Enoch is indirectly mentioned by Evilina's reincarnation, who pledges herself to Lord Vortech.

Potential Return

Though it would seem to be the end of him at the end of the story, Enoch would eventually return in some form as his damned soul is eternally trapped in Gehenna, where he would be subjected to punishment. Since he now resides in the eternal plane, it is possible that he could be summoned through a sacrificial ritual that requires a physical body to manifest.


While wielding the Dark Spark, Enoch possess a destructive and immortal power, which allowed him to live as long as he wants. He has featured feats of strength such as Dark Magic, summoning Rifts, Telekinesis, Super Strength, Mind Control, and so much more. Similar to Vigo's attack on the Ghostbusters, he can withstand the proton beams and use them to Cross the Streams (try to imagine all life as we know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in our bodies exploding at the speed of light), making him extremely dangerous. Enoch can even take everyone down with the Dark Spark's full power, leaving his victims paralyzed temporarily.

After drawing up the power of the Foundation Elements, his powers become more advanced and godlike.

Criminal Record

  1. Matricide: Killed his own mother.
  2. Patricide: Killed his own father.
  3. Infanticide: Killed many infants on Oklarthia.
  4. Uxoricide (No evidence found)
  5. Regicide
  6. Genocide
  7. Xenocide (Suspected)
  8. Mass Murder: Killed hundreds of people.
  9. Mass Mundicide: Destroyed an entire city on Oklarthia.
  10. Mass Arson: Burned every house on Oklarthia.
  11. Kidnapping
  12. Mass Torture
  13. Enslavement
  14. Brainwashing
  15. Robbery
  16. Mind-Breaking
  17. Terrorism
  18. Conspiracy
  19. Psychological Abuse
  20. Forceful Mass Pollution
  21. Goaling
  22. Mass Destruction
  23. Mass Mutilation
  24. Impersonation
  25. Propaganda
  26. Blackmail
  27. Necromancy with Criminal Intent: Used magic to bring the dead back to life to do his bidding.
  28. Attempted Hostile Multiversal Domination: Nearly took over the Multiverse.
  29. Grand Theft Animarum: Took the Creative Sparks from a myriad of victims.
  30. Mass Property Damage
  31. Vandalism
  32. Attempted Deicide: Almost killed Thor, Lady Palutena, and Raiden during Fate of the Multiverse.
  33. Attempted Omnicide: Nearly killed everyone during Fate of the Multiverse.
  34. Jailbreak: Broke out of the Shard Garden Security Facility.
  35. Being a Jerk


As seen from Enoch's radical behavior when confronted by the Iron Resistance, Enoch is a ruthless, cold-blooded psychopath with no redeeming qualities. He had never believed in good, as he was mistreated pretty harshly and abandoned by his parents due to the deathly nature of the Dark Spark. When Andy told him that he can't be truly evil and that he can make a change for himself, he lashed out and attacked Andy, saying that he only believes that evil is a greater good and that he lives by it for the rest of his life. He is known to be a cruel hypocrite, such as threatening to kill either Andy's future girlfriend or the Multiverse in no more than a minute, only for him to wait long for Andy to arrive and spare everyone including Elizabeth Goldbrick.


  1. Apparate Access
  2. Atlantis Elemental
    1. Atlantis Creature
  3. Beam Deflect
  4. Cosmic Treadmill
  5. Diffindo
  6. Dig
  7. Earth Access
  8. Electricity
  9. Electricity Protection
  10. Enhanced Senses
  11. Explosives
  12. Fear Mode (Hold interact button to use crimson red energy to push enemies back)
  13. Fire Protection
  14. Flight
  15. Fuse Box Access
  16. Ghost Puzzles
  17. Ghost Trap
  18. Goon Command
  19. Grand Empire Terminals
  20. Graffiti
  21. Grapple
  22. Gravity Mine
  23. Hacking
  24. Heat
  25. Hyper Jump
  26. Ice
  27. Ice Protection
  28. Illumination
  29. Impact Switches
  30. Intelligence
  31. Invulnerability
  32. Keystone Access
  33. Language Translation
  34. LEGO Constructs
  35. Master Break
  36. Master Build
  37. Mind Control
  38. Mithril Brick Smash
  39. Morgul Brick Smash
  40. Necrokinesis
  41. Obsidian Brick Smash
  42. Parseltongue Doors
  43. Photo Mode
  44. Portals
  45. Projectile Rebound
  46. Red and Black Brick Smash
  47. Red Demon Brick Smash
  48. Rune Tracing
  49. Scale
  50. Security Access
  51. Shield Lift
  52. Shield Mode
  53. Smash Walls
  54. Sonar
  55. Spinjitzu
  56. Stealth
  57. Super Speed
  58. Super Strength
    1. Super Strength Handles
  59. Suspend Ghost
  60. Sword Switches
  61. Target
  62. Technology
  63. Telekinesis
  64. Teleportation
  65. Thunderclap (Put out fires)
  66. Time Manipulation
  67. Toxic Gas Protection
  68. Toxic Goo Protection
  69. Tracking
  70. Transform (Grow)
  71. Underlava Swimming
  72. Underwater Swimming
  73. Vent Travel
  74. Vine Cut
  75. Wraith Access
    1. Wraith Brick Smash
  76. X-Ray Vision


  1. Holy Water
  2. Anything made from Iron
  3. Salt


"I have more important matters to attend to."

-Grand Emperor Enoch's line when leaving the game.

"Everything is going according to plan."

-Grand Emperor Enoch's second line when leaving the game.

"Pah! My patience has reached it's end!"

-Grand Emperor Enoch's third line when leaving the game.

"It's foolish to defeat me in my own world."

-Grand Emperor Enoch when being in Tyranos.



  • Enoch is the first minifigure to have metallic gold on his torso, legs and arms. This is because he wears metallic gold to symbolize his power.
  • Despite his age, he still looks younger, possibly due to the Dark Spark's powers causing him to not age at all and still looking like a young man.
  • Enoch's cape is similar to Vision's only thicker.
  • Enoch's goals are nearly similar to Lord Vortech and the 2014 Thanos from Avengers: Endgame.
  • Enoch is one of the main villains to be exclusive to Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.
  • Enoch is the first character to have more than 15 abilities with the number of 76.
  • His personality is quite shared with Boris the Animal from Men In Black III, Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Darth Sidious from Star Wars, and Vigo from Ghostbusters II.
  • Enoch's other voice behind his normal voice is what he says in reverse.
  • Enoch says the opposite things Lord Vortech says: He said Artifacts instead of Elements, he says villains instead of bad guys, including saying heroes instead of good guys.
  • Unlike Lord Vortech, Enoch is the only main villain to have a backstory given to him.
  • His last words are likely a reference to Star Fox 64 where the player beats Andross' brain on the hard route. The line is said in the final battle to pay tribute to Andross' voice actor Rick May, who died on April 8 due to complications related to COVID-19.
  • Besides the Sith Lords, he also knows how to bleed a crystal as explained in his backstory.
  • Enoch is the only main villain to die in the story.
  • His date of birth, November 9 1888, is a reference to the day that Jack the Ripper killed his final victim, Mary Kelly.
  • His new home planet Tyranos was named after the former Jedi turned Sith Lord Count Dooku who took the name Darth Tyranus.
  • His war speech is likely a reference to the General Hux speech from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.
  • Enoch is like the opposite of Lord Vortech. One wants order while the other craves destruction.
  • His voice actor is played by Colin McLean, who later voices himself in the game.
  • His Double Bladed Crossguard Lightsaber bares a striking resemblance to Thanos' Double-Edged Sword from Avengers: Endgame.
  • He is the only character to not be scared of Oz, despite him being great and powerful.
  • In the Super Mario Dimensions Level Pack, he along with his kids make cameo appearances during Mario's visions of the future before Mario himself went back to fight Bowser.
  • In the 14 million 605 outcomes Doctor Strange sees into the future, Enoch actually wins, destroying the multiverse and creating his own as a god while Andy is the one win to save the multiverse. Likely a reference to Avengers: Infinity War, which also became an internet meme.
  • Like most villains, Enoch also comes up with sadistic choices.
  • Like some villains, Enoch fell in love with Evilina.
  • He is perhaps the darkest villain in the story.
  • Despite living for hundreds of years, he has uncanny fighting skills.
  • Both Enoch and Vortech's name end with "ch".
  • Enoch was named after Noah's great-grandfather as stated in the hebrew apocalyptic text Book of Enoch. Evidently, his character inspiration comes from some but not most of it, notably the origins of the demons, being the oldest living man, and the keyword being apocalyptic.
  • He was so powerful that he built his own fortress inside a rift, thus becoming, if not one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse as well as being the most feared.
  • He is similar to Galactus from Marvel Comics.
  • In Monster Madness, Enoch along with the Zombie Commentator are commentators on certain maps. Enoch commentates on the Enoch's Graveyard and Enoch's Haunted Mansion. The Zombie Commentator on Camp Doom and Ghoul City.
  • Also in Monster Madness, he is one of the three bosses. He can be fought in his zombie form.



Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Enoch (Custom and Fanmade game and music)

The music goes into a demonic chorus, combined with the creepy bell and a seemingly eerie choir.


Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Fate of the Multiverse Enoch Final Boss (Custom)

The final boss music originated from the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game in the battle with Blackbeard at the Fountain of Youth.


Grand Emperor Enoch Monochrome Painting.png
Grand Emperor Enoch (Demon) Monochrome Painting.png
Grand Emperor Enoch Painting.png
Grand Emperor Enoch (Hologram).png
Grand Emperor Enoch (Red Hologram).png

Toy Tag

Grand Emperor Enoch's Toy Tag.

His toy tag is orange with fire patterns and his name on it.