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Gozer is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ghostbusters franchise.



In 1984, the ghosts started plaguing the city, being the first sign of Mandala working, and thus the sign of Gozer's coming. First, the two minions Zuul and Vinz Clortho were sent ahead to choose their appropriate bodies to possess, and together they would open the gate to release their master in New York. Peter discovered that Dana was being possessed by Zuul, and Egon and Janine were successfully able to hold Louis; who was possessed by Vinz Clortho. During this time, a man named Walter Peck switched off the Containment Unit, releasing all the captured ghosts which started to roam around, waiting for Gozer. Unfortunately for the Ghostbusters, Vinz was able to successfully escape and locate Zuul. Though the Ghostbusters were able to make it to the building, they were too late to stop Zuul and Vinz from completing their ritual and summoning forth Gozer, transforming the bodies of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully to the Terror Dog forms of their possessors in the process.

Gozer appeared out of the Temple of Gozer in the form of a female covered in strange slime-like clothes. The Ghostbusters (specifically Peter) sent Ray in to confront Gozer first, to which Ray ordered Gozer to cease all supernatural activity. Gozer asked Ray if he was a god, then started blasting the Ghostbusters when he said no. The Ghostbusters attempted to blast Gozer, but their streams were deflected. The "nimble, little minx" then vanished, causing the Ghostbusters to think they had won. But then Gozer demanded that the Ghostbusters "Choose the form of The Destructor!" - the form Gozer would assume to destroy them with. While Winston, Egon, and Peter were able to clear their minds, Ray accidentally thought of something, "...something that could never, ever possibly destroy us! Mr. Stay Puft!". But Gozer took this form and attacked the Ghostbusters as a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

While the Ghostbusters burned some of Gozer's new form with their beams, it wouldn't hold the creature back for very long. The Ghostbusters then crossed the streams and forced the gate closed, causing the entire top of the building to be consumed in a powerful explosion, incinerating the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and banishing Gozer back to its hellish realm. Zuul and Vinz Clortho went with Gozer and Dana and Louis were reverted to their human forms. Though the Ghostbusters had saved the city, the destruction that they caused got them kicked out of business.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Despite their stopping of Gozer's incursion in 1984, the Ghostbusters had not destroyed or captured Gozer. Unknown to them, a second entry point existed in Summerville, inside the selenium mines previously discovered by Ivo Shandor. The mines concealed a temple dedicated to Gozer, watched over by Shandor's body in suspended animation. A sacrificial pit served as the source of the interdimensional gateway in which Gozer could return. Inscribed high on the temple's walls were the years in which Gozer was predicted to return to Earth; the next predicated year Gozer would attempt to return after 1984 was 2021.

Following the years after the Vigo incident, Egon Spengler began to investigate world-ending events. He moved to Summerville and learned of the existence of the Shandorian mine and temple concealed within it, and he rigged a system consisting of four proton packs that would cross streams should a PKE meter detect a spike coming from the sacrificial pit. This was enough to stop Gozer from emerging fully, but it did not prevent the emergence of Zuul or Vinz Clortho.

Egon developed a plan to prevent Gozer from returning by luring it to his farm in Summerville, where he had built a massive system of traps that would be able to capture every spectral entity that followed Gozer. He captured either Zuul or Vinz Clortho in a ghost trap, intending to use the trap to lure Gozer into the trap. The trap, however, failed, and Egon died shortly afterwards following an attack from the other creature. Before his death, Egon succeeded in concealing the trap, thereby temporarily halting Gozer's return.

In the Summer of 2021, Podcast found an entry about Gozer and the Terror Dogs in Tobin's Spirit Guide. Phoebe found Egon's trap concealed beneath the floorboards of the farmhouse and, with Podcast and Gary Grooberson, opened it. The creature escaped from the trap and returned to the mine to begin preparation for the return of Gozer.

Despite not being able to manifest completely thanks to Egon's containment system, Gozer was able to create manifestations of its Stay Puft form in miniature size. These manifestations accompanied Vinzo Clortho into a WalMart, where Vinz possessed Gary. Zuul would also possess Callie, thus setting in motion the coming of Gozer.

Vinz successfully destroyed Egon's containment system, which would allow Gozer to successfully manifest. After Vinz and Zuul reunited and completed the ritual a second time, Gozer was able to manifest. Gozer's manifestation was similar to its previous humanoid form, though this time, its body possessed several bony protrusions and crystalline spikes, with electrical energy surging throughout its body. Gozer was greeted by the reawakened Ivo Shandor, who offered the temple to it in exchange for jointly ruling the world. Gozer replied by ripping Shandor in half. It then joined Zuul and Vinz on the steps of its temple as a new cross-rip began to occur in Summerville.

Phoebe approached Gozer to distract it while Podcast maneuovred a remote controlled-ghost trap underneath Zuul. Unamused by Phoebe's jokes, Gozer asked if Phoebe had come to offer herself in sacrifice to it. When Gozer asked "Are you prepared to die?" Phoebe retorted, asking if Gozer was. Podcast triggered the ghost trap and captured Zuul; this had the effect of stripping part of Gozer's form away, leaving it in a crackling, humanoid ghostly form. As Phoebe, Podcast, Callie and Trevor escaped in Ecto-1, Gozer gave chase. Arriving at the farm, Gozer approached the farmhouse, and Phoebe attempted to trigger the trap Egon had set previously. The trap failed. Trevor and Podcast attempted to help, but were set upon by the Mini-Pufts, which sabotaged Trevor's proton pack and the equipment in Ecto-1. Gozer managed to seize hold of the ghost trap containing Zuul. After a brief struggle with Phoebe, Gozer succeeded in seizing the trap and set Zuul free. Zuul possessed Lucky, and with Zuul returned to form, Gozer also returned to form. Gozer raised its arms and sent lightning towards Callie and Phoebe, intending to kill them, but its attack was interrupted when Venkman, Ray and Winston arrived, with Venkman calling out to Gozer: "Hey, Flat-Top! Have you missed us?"

Recognizing the aged Ghostbusters, Gozer snarled in rage. Ray once again attempted to command Gozer to depart this world, but Gozer responded by mockingly asking Ray again if he was a god. Despite a brief pause, Ray had learned his lesson and answered yes, and Venkman continued to goad Gozer even further, stating that he thought that they had "busted up for good" after their last fight. Gozer stopped Zuul from charging Venkman, and the Ghostbusters activated their proton packs, blasting Gozer and crossing their streams again. Gozer, however, was prepared: it was able to separate the crossed streams, using them to throw back and stun the Ghostbusters. Approaching its prey, Gozer watched in amusement as Venkman continued trying to goad it. Winston attempted to launch a surprise attack, but Gozer zapped the proton wand out of his hand. As Gozer prepared to attack, it was struck from behind by Phoebe's proton stream. Turning to face its adversary, Gozer blasted lightning at Phoebe to meet Phoebe's proton stream.

Now distracted by Phoebe (who was being aided by the ghost of Egon), it was not able to stop the other Ghostbusters blasting it again with their proton streams. Inside Ecto-1, Podcast figured out that the PKE-Meter had a taser function, and he used it to destroy the Mini-Pufts. With the Mini-Pufts no longer able to sabotage their equipment, Trevor was able to use his proton pack to power the trap. Callie triggered the trap, and Gozer, Vinz and Zuul were trapped alongside every spectral entity emerging from the cross-rip.

Interdimensional War