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Gotham City is one of the many locations in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the DC Comics franchise.


Gotham City is the home of the famous hero Batman and his sidekick Robin, along with many villains including The JokerHarley Quinn, and Bane. It is a very old Gothic-style city that has a lot of well-known locations like Arkham AsylumAce Chemicals, Gotham Cathedral, Gotham Clock Tower and Wayne Tower.

Dimensions Crisis

Batman and Robin were chasing Bane in his Drill Driver when a portal sucked up Robin by the will of Lord Vortech, Batman then enters the portal in pursuit of Robin which leads to a whole chain of events revolving the Dimension Crisis.

Lord Vortech later nearly destroys Gotham and Metropolis by fusing both cities into one messed-up city. The Flash nicknames the fusion of Gotham and Metropolis "Gothamtropolis".

Interdimensional War