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Gideon The Cat
Gideon The Cat Render (D1285Vr).png
Franchise: Scott Pilgrim
Gender: Male
Ocuppation: Ramona´s Pet
Residence: Toronto, Canada

Gideon the cat is one of the playable drones that can be summoned by Ramona Flowers in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, belonging to the Scott Pilgrim franchise.

(see also Gideon as Vehicle)


Gideon was originally a stray that found its way into Ramona's life, but then became Scott's when she disappeared. Gideon runs off at the end of Book 5, but returns months later to Scott in Book 6 when he's in his new apartment and trying to get his life back together. Scott accepts the cat's return since it's the only thing he has that connects him to Ramona while she is gone. The night the cat returns is the first night Scott sleeps soundly since Ramona's abrupt disappearance. (He had been haunted by nightmares of Ramona, Gideon, and other aspects of his girl troubles since her disappearance.)

During Scott's final battle against Gideon Graves, when Gideon reveals that he's been spying on him and Ramona for a long time, Scott thinks Gideon is talking about the cat. Gideon is confused and says he was not the cat.

At the end of Volume 6, Gideon the cat becomes the sole "fan" of Scott and Kim's awful new band Shatter Band.


A Walk with the cat


  1. Gideon the cat and Jake the Dog have many similarities:

    - They are both domestic animals.

    - Both accompany a protagonist of their franchise. (Gideon accompanies Ramona and Jake accompanies Finn)

  - They both have access to Drone Mazes.

  - Both appear both as a minifigure and as a vehicle.