George Harrison
George Harrison
Character Information
Name George Harrison
Franchise Yellow Submarine
Weapons/Accessories Submarine Engine
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Yellow Submarine
Occupation Singer
Residence Unknown
No, I got here first.
— George's first line when entering the game
Good plan.
— George's second line when entering the game
Ok, men. All aboard. Let's go somewhere.
— Rigno's third line when entering the game
George Harrison is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Yellow Submarine Fun Pack for the Yellow Submarine franchise as an in-game character for Paul McCartney



Dimensions Crisis



Yellow Submarine: TBA



That was one great party, and we brought back some lovely souvenirs.
— George's first line when leaving
I'll get in the back, then.
— George's second line when leaving
We're being swallowed!
— George's third line when leaving
Maybe time's gone on strike.
— George's first line in the vortex
It's all in the mind.
— George's second line in the vortex
Do you speak English?
— George to Scooby-Doo
Not a meanie in sight.
— George when idle
Okay...instruments at the ready!
— George when able to solve a puzzle
Maybe we should call road service.
— George when unable to solve a puzzle
I think I burnt me finger.
— George when respawning
Tiptoe through the meanies...
— George in combat


  • George Harrison uses archive audio
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