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"Nothing would please me more than to put Norman Osborn out of business."

-General Socum's last worlds before his death.

General Slocum is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Spider-Man (Raimiverse) franchise.


General Slocum was born sometime in the 1930's or 40's and during the early 1980's he joined Oscorp Technologies but he did not support Osborn's business because his predecessors told him many of the scams he did to keep his business going.

Slocum was first seen watching the air glider when he came to visit and to esquire about the formula first hand from Norman Osborn. After Dr. Stromm, Norman's colleague, warned them about the unstable testing, Slocum threatens Norman that if the performance enhancers have not had a successful human trial within two weeks, he'll pull all of the funding and give it to their competitor, Quest Aerospace, though he later stated that it would be a pleasure putting Osborn out of business. This forced a desperate Norman to test out the serum himself, resulting in the creation of the Green Goblin. While visiting a test at Quest of their cyborg body prototype, Slocum was killed shortly after the Green Goblin attacked the trial run.


"I've already seen the glider! That's not what I'm here for."

-General Slocum's first line, to Mendel Stromm.

"I want to see the progress report on human performance enhancers."

-General Slocum to Norman Osborn (Raimiverse).

"Any side effects?"

-General Slocum to Mendel Stromm.

"And in the trial that went wrong, what happened? What were the side effects?"

-General Slocum to Mendel Stromm.

"And what do you recommend?"

-General Slocum to Mendel Stromm.

"Dr. Stromm?"

-General Slocum to Mendel Stromm.

"Dr. Osborn. I'm going to be frank with you. I never supported your program. We have my predecessor to thank for that."

-General Slocum to Norman Osborn.

"And if your so-called performance enhancers have not had a successful human trial by that date, I'm gonna pull your funding. I'm going to give it to them."

-General Slocum threatens to give Oscorp's funding to Quest Aerospace.

"Good evening."

-General Slocum meets the Project Coordinator at the Quest Aerospace test site.

"Well, if it does what you say it can, I'll sign that contract tomorrow."

-General Slocum to the Project Coordinator.

"I assume you're confident about this test."

-General Slocum to the Project Coordinator.