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General Hux is one of the non-playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Star Wars franchise.


General Armitage Hux was a high-ranking officer within the First Order, the successor to the Galactic Empire, thirty years after the fall of Darth Vader and Palpatine. He was the General in charge of the superweapon Starkiller Base, working alongside Kylo Ren. Ren was the apprentice of Snoke, the First Order's Supreme Leader.

It was Hux who ordered the destruction of the Hosnian system, capital of the New Republic, by the Starkiller weapon. D'Qar, home base of the Resistance, was intended as the superweapon's next target. However, Resistance pilots lead by Poe Dameron launched a counter attack to destroy Starkiller Base, which succeeded. As the planet collapsed around him, Hux was ordered by Snoke to flee with Kylo Ren, who had been injured following a duel with Rey.

Hux later leads the pursuit of the Resistance by attacking their fleet as they flee D'Qar. He captures Finn and Rose Tico with the help of DJ. After the First Order ship gets damaged by a surprise attack by Holdo. Hux finds Snoke dead and is forced to follow Kylo Ren as the new leader. He later aids Kylo Ren in his battle against the resistance on Crait.

One year later, he is revealed to be a spy who wants nothing to do with the Resistance but wants to see Kylo Ren lose. He is later shot dead by Allegiant General Pryde for treason.

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