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"G Gaming Gavin in the house!" -Gavin's first line when entering the game

"Wait, I'm in the game? Awesome!" -Gavin's second line when entering the game

"It's gaming time! Yes! An awesome entrance line!" -Gavin's third line when entering the game

Gavin is a character in Lego Dimensions. He comes in the G Gaming Studios level pack, fror the G Gaming Studios franchise.


  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • G Gaming Switches
  • Illumination (Phone)
  • Photo Mode
  • Stealth (Cloak Band)
  • Transform (Transforms into Superdude)
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handles


"See ya next time! Peace out!" -Gavin's first line when leaving the game

"Sorry, but I've got other games to play." -Gavin's second line when leaving the game

"Gotta go home, or else Mom will annihilate me." -Gavin's third line when leaving the game

"Dude, this is so insane!!" -when in rift

"Woah, this is faster than a roller coaster! But roller coasters are way more terrifying!" -when in rift

"Bad guys? Heh, guess I know what to do." -when in combat

"You're even worse than Mom cancelling Summer! Actually, that's worse." -when encountering a boss

"Huh, guess being a video game character has its advantages." -when respawning

"Alright, brain, don't fail me now!" -when encountering a puzzle

"Aw man, this is just like my homework, I can't figure it out!" -when unable to solve a puzzle

"Can somebody help me out here?" -when unable to solve a puzzle

"I think I got the right tool for this one." -can solve a puzzle

"Just compare this to a math problem that keeps getting '1' as the answer." -can solve a puzzle

"Well that was easy." -has solved a puzzle

"Yes! Mom will be so proud of me!" -has solved a puzzle

"I'll have to analyze this back at the studios." -when collecting a mini-kit or a gold brick

"Um, hello?" -to a giant character or vehicle

"Wonder what to do next." -when idle

"I hope Zaylei's not into any danger." -when idle

"Sure I'm good at this, but D.U.D.E's better at it." -when upgrading

"I'm gonna level this up, grade. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Sorry." -when upgrading

"Same name, same favorite color. This seems familiar somehow..." -to Gavin

"Ah, Tulsa. And Wister. And Poteau? All in one?! Yes!" -when in the G Gaming Studios adventure world

"I'm riding a dinosaur! This is awesome! Now, please don't eat me." -when riding the Velociraptor

"Gamer Kid, we're like brothers. Hey, you should visit my house." -to Gamer Kid

"So let me get this straight, to go to the underworld, you have to die. Not gonna happen." -to Betelgeuse

"Hey, uh, don't tell Dallas I'm talking to you." -to Twilight Sparkle

"Hey, you and D.U.D.E should be friends." -to Cyberman

"Gotta catch 'em all, right? But where to start?" -to Pikachu

"You're just like my friend, Dizzy. Only you do more frontflips, spin faster, and, well, you're ninjas" -to any Ninjago character

"Are you--can it be?--Oh my gosh, it's--SONIC! Oh my gosh, I am a HUGE fan!" -to Sonic

"Woah, this thing is so clear! It makes you feel like you' ulp." -when riding the Invisible Jet

"Oh, now we're talkin'." -when riding the Arcade Machine

"Eh, too classic." -when riding the Ecto-1

"Heh, this is better." -when riding the Ecto-1 (2016)

"I feel like I'm too big for this, but okay." -when riding the Gravity Sprinter

"Agh, this thing's too tight! No wonder Gizmo can fit in this!" -when riding the RC Racer

"I've tried riding a horse without a saddle. It didn't go so well." -when riding the Bionic Steed

"I love your scream, it's so iconic." -to Tom

"Who knew mixing animation and live-action was an amazing idea for your movie." -to Jerry

Entrance and Exit Animations


Gavin jumps out of the rift, rolls forward, and lands face-first. He gets back up and dusts his shirt with his hands.


Gavin waves goodbye, then jumps into the rift.

Attack Animations

Normal Attack

  1. Gavin punches with his left arm.
  2. Gavin punches with his right arm.
  3. Gavin kicks with his left leg
  4. Gavin attacks with his right arm and left leg

Ground Pound

Gavin pulls out a mega-cannon and blasts the ground, leaving a giant letter G.

Idle Animations

Gavin pulls out his phone and starts taking selfies, then puts the phone back.

Punches himself with his left arm, then with his right arm, both arms keep hitting him until he stops it.

Finishing Moves

Gavin gives the enemy a warp bomb, backs away, and covers his ears while the bomb detonates and drags in the enemy.

The enemy rushes at Gavin, but he swiftly flips the enemy behind him and kicks them.

Character Tag

The front and back have the color blue, (because of what he's wearing) the sides have red, the front has the letter "G" on it.