*You arrive at...wherever this is.
— When entering the game
*Wherever this is, it isn't the Underground.
— When entering the game
*You are released from the rift.
— When entering the game


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Character Information
Name Frisk


Franchise Undertale
Weapons/Accessories Toy Knife
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Greater Dog
Occupation Ambassador of the Monsters
Residence The Underground

Frisk is a character in the Undertale franchise. They come in a Fun Pack.


  • Mini-Access
  • Heart Regen
  • Intelligence Panels
  • Super Strength
  • Vine Cut


*You are pulled into the rift.
— When exiting the game
*Oh, great, another one.
— When exiting the game
*You wonder where you'll be taken next.
— When exiting the game
Seeing these new dimensions......fills you with DETERMINATION.
— When using a Save Point
*You feel a little dizzy...
— When in rift
*You feel like you're about to throw up.
— When in rift
*A group of goons attack!
— To enemies
*You are filled with DETERMINATION.
— When in a Boss Battle
*Frisk! Stay determined!
— When respawning (in Asgore's dialogue)
*It didn't work.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
*Maybe try something else?
— When unable to solve a puzzle
*You know what to do.
— Can solve a puzzle
*You solved the puzzle.
— Has solved a puzzle
*You got the Collectable.
— When collecting a mini-kit or gold brick
— To giant character or vehicle
*Standing still fills you with.......boredom.
— When idle
*Here, it's kill or be killed.
— When in Undertale Adventure World
Despite everything, it's still you.
— To Frisk
*Not much for conversation.
— To Chell
*Smells like rainbows.
— To Unikitty
*The chocolate is mine. MINE!.....ahem. Apologies.
— To Sloth
*You tell Batman that you've seen muscles bigger than his. He scoffs and rolls his eyes.
— To Batman (LEGO Batman Movie)
*Dear god, those eyes.... They terrify you.
— To Buttercup
This elephant isn't the only one with two minds.......
— To Ancient War Elephant
*You wonder if this would get along with the Royal Guard.
— To Terror Dog

Entrance and Exit Animations


  • Frisk spins out of the rift and lands on their feet.

About To Exit

  • None, tbh.


  • Frisk is pulled backwards into the rift.

Attack Animations

Normal Attack
IMG 20180218 100946 hdr kindlephoto-2046339139

The attack sprite (when attacking)

  1. Frisk swings their knife left, with the Undertale attack sprite and sound.
  2. Frisk swings their knife right, with the attack sprite and sound.
  3. Frisk jabs their knife forward, with the attack sound.
  4. Frisk swings their knife counterclockwise in a full circle, with the attack sprite and sound.
  5. Frisk uppercuts with their knife, with the attack sprite and sound.

Ground Pound

  • Frisk strikes the ground with their knife and this sound, leaving a red crack in the ground.

Idle Animations

  • Frisk takes out a white plate with a slice of pie on it, then jams it into their face. The healing sound plays, and Frisk takes the now-empty plate off their face and tosses it behind them.
  • There's a ringing sound. Frisk takes out their phone and holds it up to their ear (or where it would be.) This dialogue plays (in Toriel's tone):
Toriel: Hello, my child! How are you? You haven't gotten into any trouble, have you? Good. Well......... Stay safe, all right? Call me if you're ever feeling lonely. Happy travels, my child!
There's a click, then Frisk puts the phone away.

Finishing Moves

  • The enemy stands in front of Frisk. Frisk glitches into Chara. Then Chara's face turns into this face and starts making this sound (though not as loud, I guess.). The enemy screams and is killed. Then Chara glitches back into Frisk.
  • Frisk takes out their phone and calls some one (with the ringing noise). Then they put the phone away. Suddenly, Undyne (in her armour) lands in front of Frisk from above. The enemy jumps back in fear. Undyne looks at the enemy, then raises her hand. Some spears appear above her, aim towards the enemy, and shoot toward the enemy, killing them. Undyne stands, turns to Frisk, pats them on the head, and jumps up high off-screen.

Character Tag

Character tags-3 kindlephoto-19843451

Frisk's character tag

All sides are black. The front has the Mercy Button, selected with Frisk's Soul. The back has the Fight Button.

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