Fred Flintstone
Character Information
Name Fred Flintstone
Gender Male
Franchise The Flintstones
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Fred Flintstone's Car
Occupation Cave digger
Residence Bedrock
Yabba Dabba Doo!
— Fred when entering the game
Huh? What's going on? Why am I here?
— Fred's second line when entering the game
Ho boy. What is it now?
— Fred's third line when entering the game

Fred Flintstone is one is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in The Fred Flintstone Fun Pack, for The Flintstones franchise.


Well, I'd better go. It's almost dinner time!
— Fred's first line when leaving the game.
It's time for my bowling match!
— Fred's second line when leaving the game
I'd better leave before I miss another meeting of the Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes!
— Fred's third line when leaving the game
Hey! Alright, who was the wise guy who did that?
— Fred's line when respawning.
Aaugh! Don't get me, I taste terrible!
— Fred before confronting a boss
Well, this looks... interesting.
— Fred when obtaining a collectable
This is definitely not Stone Age technology.
— Fred when unable to solve a puzzle
You guys picked a fight with the wrong guy!
— Fred's first line when in combat
Don't make me call my attack dinosaur... if I can wake him up.
— Fred's second line when in combat
Alright, stand back everyone and let the master deal with this!
— Fred when about to solve a puzzle
Oh, nothing any old GENIUS couldn't do...
— Fred's second line when about to solve a puzzle
Wooooaaahh! I don't feel so good!
— Fred when in the vortex
Oh, wow! I hope there's Brontosaurus meat in this!
— Fred when using the Scooby Snack
I hope someone doesn't mind if I ride their pet for a while. Good boy, good boy!
— Fred when riding the Velociraptor
You call yourself a dog? You seem awfully small for one, and where's your scales?
— Fred when seeing Scooby-Doo
Yikes! A green, weird looking, flying thing! Hmm... You wouldn't happen to know The Great Gazoo, would you?
— Fred when seeing Slimer
A car with rubber tires rather than stone ones? It'll never catch on.
— Fred when riding the R.C. Racer
It's a good thing I'm not afraid of spiders! Maybe it's because I hang out with dinosaurs all the time.
— Fred's line when riding Shelob the Great.
You're a strange looking dinosaur. Oh wait, you're a crocodile. My bad.
— Fred when seeing Cragger
Ah, rock sweet rock!
— Fred when in the Flintstones World.
Boy, I hope Pebbles isn't getting into any trouble while I'm away.
— Fred when idle.
This is way better than putting up with Mr. Slate at the quarry anyday.
— Fred's second line when left idle.
Wow, now you are a big guy! I'll bet no tyrannosauruses pick on you, huh?
— Fred when entering a mech or seeing a giant character.
Well hello, little girl! Say, you remind me of my daughter Pebbles!
— Fred when seeing Blossom
Boy oh boy, won't Barney be jealous when he sees me with this!
— Fred's first line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
I'm gonna need a chisel and some stone to carve out some new additions for this!
— Fred's second line when upgrading his vehicle/gadget.
Huh? Okay buster, who are you and what's the gag?
— Fred when seeing Fred
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