Franchises are the brands that are represented in LEGO Dimensions. Each franchise has its own Adventure World, and all after Year 2 have a Battle Arena and all after Year 3 have a Race Track. In-game content for Year 2 and Year 3 was introduced through digitally downloaded updates. There is a total of 50 franchises altogether as of Year 3, 51 if counting LEGO Dimensions, although it is not a traditional franchise. 3 more franchises need to be added.


Year 3

LEGO Dimensions: Multiverse

Easter Egg Franchises

  • Justice League (2017 Movie) - In Rick's Garage in the Rick and Morty Adventure World, a computer has Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne. This is a reverse reference to the scene in Justice League where Bruce Wayne recruits The Flash. One of the computers had an episode of Rick and Morty playing.
  • Tron - TBA
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