The Foundation Gauntlet is a legendary gauntlet and one of the Foundation Elements in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, where it serves as the main weapon of Grand Emperor Enoch.


Long ago, an ancient group of god-like beings that existed before the foundation of The Multiverse called the Foundation Entities. Skor is a founding leader of the group and his rank as Supreme Being was succeeded by his son, Thatch. Since his father's death, he found the blueprints of a golden gauntlet which he then crafted using melted Gold Bricks. Thatch then found a purple crystal and put it on the gauntlet to fulfill his father's dreams. After the creation of the Foundation Elements, they bestowed their powers inside a green square which would now become the Foundation of All Dimensions and then came the birth of The Multiverse. After the entities' disappearance, Vaden, Thatch's only son, hid the gauntlet in the Temple of Foundation on Foundation Prime so that it can be hidden away forever.

Grand Interdimensional War

Approximately way over 700 years have passed, Grand Emperor Enoch and Skella took a rift trip to Foundation Prime in search of this ancient gauntlet. There, he met an evil cult called Foundation Crime; A group fascinated with Lord Vortech and The Tri. They seek their help in stealing the gauntlet from the Temple.

After stealing the gauntlet from the temple, Enoch then travels across the multiverse in search for the Foundation Elements so he can absorb their powers to become stronger than before.

Fate of the Multiverse

Enoch seemingly succeeded in taking all of the elements and declared his "victory" over the heroes. Andy Starheart breaks into his castle in hopes of saving the Multiverse.

After the castle collapsed, Enoch absorbed all of the elements' powers to become invincible but that didn't stop his children from stopping him as the gauntlet becomes the very thing worth fighting for.

After the end of the war, Andy then brought the gauntlet back to where it belongs as he nearly passed out after using it's full energy. Vaden then sunk the temple into the ocean and never seen again after he returned to Vorton to watch the gateway.

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