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"As it was, as it is, as it shall be."


Foundation Crime is a secondary antagonistic faction in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch under the command of Bellosh.


After a rigged election, Bellosh was sent to the Shard Garden Security Facility to spend a life sentence.

Drad and Major Pain are also sent to the Facility to spend an eternity for their past actions as insane criminals.


During the prison breakout, Bellosh, Major Pain and Colonel Drad escape from their cells and went into hiding on Foundation Prime. During the 25 years, they kill, ravage, and steal from other people. They became the worshippers of Lord Vortech.

Grand Interdimensional War

During the Grand Interdimensional War, Grand Emperor Enoch and Cia went to Foundation Crime's hideout and offers their help in dominating the Multiverse. Cult Chief Bellosh agrees and shows them a vision of Lord Vortech, The Tri and the fragment of Vortech causing Enoch to declare his intention to destroy the Multiverse and create a new one instead. Foundation Crime led Enoch to the Temple of Foundation and broke in to the entrance. Enoch successfully obtains the Gauntlet of the Gods and goes to The Wizard of Oz World while Foundation Crime prepares to go to Tyranus.

Fate of the Multiverse

Foundation Crime took part in the final battle with the heroes. Bellosh confronts Andy's dad Walter and mocks him for being old causing Walter to fight him. Major Pain and Colonel Drad fought twins Braum and Braun and were defeated easily after their confusion. Walter defeats Bellosh and pushes him into the river of lava, ending his reign as Cult Chief. After Enoch's death, Foundation Crime unfortunately got away in a rift before the destruction of Tyranus.

Evilina takes her place as the new Cult Chief after she cheated death and the end of the Grand Interdimensional War.

Foundation Crime went to the remains of Lord Vortech's lair and bowed to him(offscreen).