Bump Florence

Character Information
Name Florence
Gender Female
Franchise Morphers
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Magnut
Occupation Ingrid Chieftess
Residence Lava Wasteland
Whoa, where are we? I do not really know, but it is beast!
— Florence's first line when entering the game
So I end up here, but where is the fam?
— Florence's second line when entering the game
I was right in the middle of taking a shower... with my clothes on.
— Florence's third line when entering the game
Florence is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


Florence once ran late to a party that was being held that all the other Morphers attended. Fortunately, this ended up preventing her from being captured by Major Norpher. She eventually saved the remaining Morphers and took down Major Norpher. Florence's life has had many memorable missions: forming a Merph in the war of the Macaron-I (until it shattered), Merphing to fix her sister's magma shower, fighting Norphers with her husband, Morphing and Marphing to help her other husband reach a grill party, and competing in the Stoneball tournament.



Nice having some banter with you all, but GTG.
— Florence's first line when entering the game
Time flies... I do not.
— Florence's second line when leaving the game
Yeah, maybe you are tired of my complete swag. Bye!
— Florence's third line when entering the game
Cease the lameness, dude.
— Florence's line when idle
Well, I am the most intelligent of my family, I am not boasting.
— Florence when about to solve a puzzle
I told you the only thing I do stink at is this!
— Florence when unable to solve a puzzle
Whoa, Sebastian, ¡Hermoso verte aquí, mi amigo Cristiano!
— Florence talking to Sebastian
Nice seeing you here, Kristian! ¡Buscas más bestia y swag luego siempre!
— Florence talking to Kristian
Yo Tess, wasn't that epic mission to save Morpher land rad?
— Florence talking to Tess
Aloha, Zak? How is the ham and bologna sandwiches?
— Florence talking to Zak
So, Vanessa, need another shower for us to fix?
— Florence talking to Vanessa
Ugh, Zoe. You have NO stoke!
— Florence talking to Zoe
— Florence talking to Mr. Krabs
Another Flame Elemental! Lit!
— Florence talking to Kai
Flames, ice, and lightning... where have I seen these before?
— Florence's line when near Kebley's Shell
You have fire element, too... as breath? Savage.
— Florence talking to Scorpion
You better not put out my fire with your spit!
— Florence's line when riding Annoying Dog

Idle Animations

  • Florence puts on some sunscreen but it flies off.
  • Florence spins a Morpherball.

Finishing Moves

  • Magma Lake: Florence forms a pool of molten rock that burns the enemy, killing them.
  • Volcanic Volley: Florence launches a barrage of lava flows that sets the enemy on fire.


  • She is portrayed by Sophia Bush in the show and film, and reprises her role in the game.
  • Florence's line to Mr. Krabs is a reference to the meme.
  • Florence's line when near Kebley's Shell is a reference to the Ingrid, Ernest, and Frost Villages.


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