Flametunia Grown Petunia Deadly Petunia
Owner *Fritz
Abilities *Laser (Lava)
    • Melt Ice
    • Wall Cut
  • Guardiam
  • Growth
Set Fritz Fun Pack

Flametunia is a Morphers gadget in LEGO Dimensions.


Flametunias are a type of blossom used for defending Morpher Wheel bases in Calling All Morphers. The first build of the Flametunia is a flame yellowish orange flower, which is in the middle of growth. It has closed red eyes with eyelashes, and a grin underneath. Molten rock is seen pouring out from the top.


  • Laser (Lava)
  • Guardian
  • Growth


  • The pieces on the sides of the vehicle tag can be removed and swapped with others on it.
  • It is currently the tallest object physically.
  • Despite it being in Fritz' Fun Pack, he never used one. Rather, they are used by the Ingrid villagers such as Florence, Vanessa, Zoe, Fletcher, Bernard, and Melvin.
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