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Fate of the Multiverse is a playable level and the final level in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.

Story Mode Plot

At Vorton, the heroes talk about how they could stop Enoch now that the Foundation Elements are in his clutches. Just after, a broadcast message was sent to the Multiverse by Grand Emperor Enoch, demanding for every universe to surrender before speaking directly to Andy, giving him a choice; the girl or the entire Multiverse. Andy and his new friends then travelled across the Multiverse to recruit the heroes. The heroes then form the Justice Legion before entering a gateway leading to Tyranos.

Andy and his friends arrive in front of Enoch's Castle and fight off the first of the Dark Soldiers and Zombie Soldiers. Andy falls into a cavern and enters the Undercity while the Justice Legion fight the evil Armies of Darkness outside. While in the Undercity, Andy encounters the Black Skeleton King and the Zombie King. He defeats them and finally enters Enoch's Castle. After evading the Weeping Angels, he encounters the Wither Boss. He defeats the Wither and breaks the barriers, clearing the way for Andy to enter the giant spindle leading up to the top. While climbing, Andy had to overcome the tests and being careful not to fall into the core of the world, as he would get burnt alive.

Finally, he makes it to Enoch's Throne Room where he meets his mother, Mary, who sits on Enoch's Throne. It soon appears that "Mary" is in fact Enoch, who shapeshifted as Andy's mother to lure him where he wanted him and lock him in, so that he would not be able to escape escape. Enoch reveals his plan, having to wait for the right time to drain the elemental powers of the Foundation Elements and use Andy as a test subject. He forces Andy to watch the Justice Legion suffer on a giant television before showing Andy his dead brother's body. Enraged by the death of his brother, Andy attempted to strike down Enoch with vengeance but Eron attacks Andy before doing so. After defeating the son of the Emperor, Andy attempted to attack Enoch again, but this time Enoch uses his skills to overpower him. Enoch then orders his son to kill a yellow Luma, but he refuses and rejects his father's legacy and heritage as his son. The rage entranced Grand Emperor rises from his throne and uses his powers to throw the three to the elevator door that Andy used to enter the throne room. Elizabeth uses the Scale Keystone and increases her height, breaking out of the cage. Enoch realizes this and attempted to kill her. Elizabeth engages into a fight with Enoch, giving Andy, Eron, and Elena time to recover. Enoch overpowers Elizabeth and uses his powers to bring down the castle onto the heroes, causing him to pass out. The heroes narrowly escape Enoch's Castle and look around for the Foundation Elements. They found the Foundation Elements but, just as they were about to take back the Foundation Elements, an exhausted Enoch breaks out of the rubble and uses the Gauntlet of the Gods to drain all of the powers of the Foundation Elements, becoming omnipotent in the process while claiming the God Emperor moniker. With his newfound powers, Enoch summons a fleet of Star Dreadnoughts and orders Grand General Zyde to attack the heroes while he faces Andy alone, surrounded in a fiery dome with the hero. He overpowers Andy and begins the process of reshaping the Multiverse into his own image. However, just in the nick of time, Vaden briefly saved the Multiverse by facing Enoch and ends up getting beaten down by the newly christened God Emperor. As Enoch was about to succeed, he was attacked by Thor, Lady Palutena, Rosalina, The Flash, and Raiden before he retreats to the Vortress to recover. Andy, Eron, and Elena follow him while the Justice Legion fight off the Grand Empire's forces.

Inside the Vortress, the trio destroy the four crystals that break the phantom barrier and enter the Vortress Throne Room. After fighting Enoch inside the Vortress, Andy takes the Gauntlet and uses it against Enoch, preventing him from using his omnipotent powers. Enoch throws a volcanic fit at Andy and the Justice Legion and unleashes the combined powers of the Elemental Keystone and his barrage of fire surrounded by chain lightning at Andy, who blocks them with the Gauntlet. Enoch, in a heated rage, attempts to turn the streams of his powers on both himself, Andy, and the Justice Legion but Andy countered the attack and incinerated Grand Emperor Enoch, causing a huge blast of Dark Spark energy and igniting the core of Tyranos, turning the dreaded planet into a star. Andy, his friends, and the Justice Legion then narrowly escape through a rift.

After defeating Enoch and the Grand Empire, Andy bids an emotional farewell to his new friends and allies before they return to their home dimension to live their own lives. Andy and his friends return to the Temple of Foundation to bring the Gauntlet of the Gods back to where it belongs before going back to their own home dimension. Not knowing what to do with the mess Enoch made in their world, they decide to work together as a team and clean up the mess. The reincarnation of Evilina watches as the heroes begin to clean up the mess and enter a rift.

In the post-credits scene, Evilina's reincarnation becomes the new leader of Foundation Crime and informs Lord Vortech about Enoch's influence on the Multiverse.




Enoch's Castle