Is a fun pack character from the Dreampunk Franchise

-Another day, another space-time anomaly.

Fangs first line when entering the game

-Ahhhhh! What hapend to my face? Oh, wait, it's always been like that.

Fangs second line when entering then game.

-(falls out of portal) Taa-daa!

Fangs third line when entering the game.


Fangs was born from a long line of scientists and athletes. When he conducted his first experiment, it led to the freeing of his new adopted brother, Joe Storm. He loves to watch old tapes and come up with wild (and often false) theories.


-Illumination(Green 9 soda pop)

-Intelligence access

-Hazard Clean-up (Same as illumination)

-Ancient Languages


-Excuse me. The line has become shorter at the theater.

Fangs first line when exiting the game.

-I've got to write this down!

Fangs second line when exiting the game

-A NEW TAPE IS ON SALE!!! Gotta go!

Fangs third line when exiting the game

-Well, nobody made his fortune sitting around. Except people who go to chinese restaurants.

Fangs first line when idle

-Have any of you seen Joe? If you do, tell him he still can't read my comics.

Fangs second line when idle

-Alone time is when I can make my groundbreaking theories. Like how hotdogs are made.

Fangs third line when idle.

-The sky?

Fangs answering to Joe Storm. 

-Know any good diners?

Fangs when encountering Marty Mcfly

-We could be teeth buddies!

Fangs when encountering Spongebob

-I promise I don't bite!

Fangs when encountering Spider-man

-Run for your life!

Fangs when encountering Beetlejuice

-Whatever we do, don't touch because it will cause a space-time anomaly. Anyway, do you want a hug?

Fangs when encountering Fangs

-Are you a snowspider?

Fangs when using Shelob the Great

-Best. Present. EVER!!!!!!!

Fangs when using The Drip

-I wonder if this is patented.....

Fangs first line when in the Vortex

-Is there any way to speed this up?

Fangs second line when in the Vortex

-Well, this bites.

Fangs when unable to solve a puzzle

-I was pupated ready!

Fangs when able to solve a puzzle

-I have a theory... That you're going to lose, bad guys!

Fangs when in combat

-This is one bug that can't be squished!

Fangs when respawning

-Wonder what everyone else is up to! Let's go take a peek!

Fangs when in Dreampunk world

Idle animations

  • Sips Green 9.
  • Takes out book, and takes notes.
  • Pulls out a VHS tape and squeezes/hugs it.

Finishing moves

  • Shakes pop. The pressured soda sprays the enemy away.
  • Monument bursts out of the ground below the enemy and Fangs cheers.


Fangs, like all other dreampunk characters, got his start in my imagination before being adapted into lego.

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