Evilina or Karnia is one of the non-playable characters and one of the secondary antagonists in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch as the wife of Grand Emperor Enoch and the mother of Eron and Elena.


Evilina is an evil witch who committed a crime and taken to the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum. Several years later, Lord Enoch released the prisoners and lead them, along with her to the Shard. Evilina fell in love with Enoch that lead them to marriage and the bearing of two children; Eron and Elena. Years later, Evilina "died" due to unknown conditions. Enoch then uses his powers for evil in an attempt to resurrect his fallen lover however, Vaden stopped him and foiled his plan, sending him to the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum.


About 700 years after her "death," the power of the Dark Nexus brought Evilina back to life and reincarnated into Karnia, The Witch Queen, and meets Enoch again to form a relationship with him.

Grand Interdimensional War

She is first seen in Legotropolis' Most Wanted where she orders the knights to craft weapons and shields. She is seen again with Enoch in Foundation Prime where they meet the evil cult called Foundation Crime. After seeing a vision of Lord Vortech, The Tri and the fragment, she agrees to help break into the Temple of Foundation and leads Enoch to the final chamber where the Foundation Gauntlet resides.

In Fate of the Multiverse during the final battle, she interferes by giving the Foundation Elements to Enoch so he can use them to destroy the multiverse.

After a failed attempt to save Enoch, she turns back into Evilina and declares revenge on the heroes. She eventually becomes leader of Foundation Crime and kneels down to a mysterious entity similar to Lord Vortech (offscreen), telling him that it's almost time as he is ready to step out of the shadows once again.


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