*cough* *cough* Whoa, geez. What happened?
— When entering the game
At least it's better than the Baker's place. *shudder*
— When entering the game
Anybody seen my wife?
— When entering the game
Ethan Winters
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Character Information
Name Ethan Winters
Gender Male
Franchise Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Weapons/Accessories 99 Magnum (aka silver pistol)
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ethan's Car

Ethan Winters is a character in the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard franchise. He comes in a Team Pack with Eveline Baker.


  • Target
  • Intelligence Panels
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Bomb)
  • Super Strength (Bomb)
  • Heart Regeneration


— When exiting the game
I'd love to stick around but- actually, I wouldn't. Bye!
— When exiting the game
Sorry, but I still gotta find Mia.
— When exiting the game
It ain't the weirdest thing I've seen!
— When in rift
Bring it.
— To enemies
Meh. I've dealt with worse.
— When in a Boss Battle
Nothing some goop juice can't fix.
— When respawning
*sigh* More puzzles?
— When encountering a puzzle
Nope. That ain't gonna work.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
Gotta find another way through.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
Hope I got enough ammo for this.
— Can solve a puzzle
I'll handle this.
— Can solve a puzzle
Anything'll work if you hit it hard enough.
— Has solved a puzzle
Did Lucas make this? Oh no, should I throw it?! Aah! *beat* Huh. Nothing.
— When collecting a mini-kit or gold brick
— To giant character or vehicle
I've got enough scrap for this, right? Yea, I do.
— When upgrading
OK, that is weird.
— To Ethan Winters
Your name's Ethan too? Cool. Cool.
— To Ethan Hunt (M:I)
You think YOU'VE seen scary stuff? Try going toe to toe with a Moulded!
— To Peter Venkman
A....shape-shifting dog. Yea. Why not?
— To Jake the Dog
Geez, did Eveline make you?
— To Terror Dog
GAH! Oh. Sorry, hon. Thought you were someone else.
— To Bubbles
Oh my gosh, a DeLorean? Wow! I thought these were all gone!
— To DeLorean Time Machine

Character Tag

Character tags kindlephoto-1193143603

Ethan Winter's character tag

All sides are white. The sides all have holes of skin and scratch spots. The front has the "Evil" part of the Resident Evil 7 logo on it.

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