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Zombie Enoch is the undead form of Grand Emperor Enoch and one of the playable characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. He is one of the five bosses of the Monster Madness holiday event and the main antagonist of the LEGO Dimensions 2.5 update.


Early Life

Before the events of the Grand Interdimensional War, he was born in the ruin 100 years before it shattered into The Shard. After the planet's destruction, he bleeded a blue crystal into a red crystal and places it into his chestplate to not only become immortal, intelligent and powerful, but can allow him to freely pass between the dimensions without getting harmed because of his connection to the Dark Spark. He met and married Evilina and raised their son and daughter before her apparent death and before becoming an interdimensional terrorist. In the later years, he tried to take over The Multiverse by use of the original Foundation Elements and Creation Sparks to resurrect the love of his life. However, he was apprehended by Vaden (who became horribly disfigured by Enoch's wickedness) and taken to an Interdimensional Criminal Asylum.

700 Years Later

"Long have I waited..."

—Enoch to the Captain.

As the main villain in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, he stayed in prison and awaiting execution after 700 years. After appearing before the king, his two children and prisoners appear out of the Rift and start to destroy everything around, allowing Enoch to evade the king and making an army of his own. He then kills the king and declares his intention on ruling the multiverse by using the power of the current Foundation Elements to do so. Enoch then met Skella (secretly the reincarnation of Evilina) and eventually got into a relationship with her. At his castle, he killed the famous James McBrick by absorbing his Creation Spark into his crystal, then he smirks and laughs at his now empty body.

Grand Interdimensional War

Approximately 25 years after recruiting villains and stealing the Foundation Elements, he notices a rebellion Andy Starheart caused against a Stormtrooper, so he decided to declare war on both the heroes and him to determine the fate of the multiverse. His mission began when he travels to the DC Universe to collect a Gold Kryptonite, better than a regular Kryptonite and recruits Darkseid and his army of Apokolips. He then travels to the Marvel Comics world to steal the Infinity Stones from their respective owners, stole the Nano Gauntlet from the New Avengers Facility, repaired the Infinity Gauntlet and recruits Thanos and his army. He then travels to The Lego Movie World to steal the Kragle and recruit Rex Dangervest. Upon learning that Andy and his friends found a Foundation Element, he decided to confront them personally. By the time he arrives at The Adventures of Clutch Powers World, he finally found Andy and quickly uses his dark magic to steal the Golden Sword before overpowering each and every member of Andy's Iron Resistance.

Alliance with Foundation Crime

After the fight, Enoch and Skella travel to the center of the multiverse, Foundation Prime, to steal the Foundation Gauntlet from the Temple of Foundation and meeting the evil cult called Foundation Crime. After seeing a vision of Lord Vortech, he started to take a dark turn by changing his mind, declaring that only him can use the Foundation Elements to destroy The Multiverse and create a new one in his own image.

Enoch travels to The Wizard of Oz World with the gauntlet to fearlessly confront Oz to find the Ruby Slippers, currently being worn by Dorothy Gale. The Foundation Crime kidnaps Dorothy alongside Toto and takes them to Tyranus.

Successfully gathering all of the Foundation Elements, Enoch kidnaps Elizabeth Goldbrick and uses Tyranus' superweapon to destroy the Watchtower, the Interdimensional Criminal Asylum, and Yavin 4.

Fate of the Multiverse

Andy Starheart and his allies prepare for one last battle to defeat the Grand Empire and travel to Tyranus. After Andy enters the castle, he summons Thanos, Darkseid, Voldemort, Rafael, Snoke and Darth Sidious onto the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors of the tower and Enoch builds the Wither on the sixth floor. Just as Andy arrived, Enoch explained his whole plan to him and that he would become so unstoppable because of his help. He then used the Mind Stone on Elizabeth and orders her to destroy him into pieces while he begins to absorb the Foundation Elements' powers into him. Eventually, Andy's friends break into the throne room and stopped Enoch from becoming unstoppable. Skella intervenes and gives Enoch the Chaos Emeralds so that he can absorb the Foundation Elements' powers again but his children, Eron and Elena, having a change of heart, betray their father and destroy his entire castle.

After breaking out of the rubble, Enoch absorbed all of the Foundation Elements' powers to become completely invincible, upgrading the Dark Spark's power and uses them to trap Andy into a ring of fire for the final battle. He uses the Foundation Gauntlet to summon his armies and transforms into his giant form. The Avengers, The Justice League, and others attack Enoch with their best shot, none of them worked as he shoots a barrage of flames surrounded by chain red lightning into the sky, called the Flamestorm, and takes down all of the heroes. Realizing his armor crystal becomes slightly shattered, Enoch escapes into the rift and hides in his own fortress named The Vortress. Andy, Eron and Elena followed him in to have one last battle. Eron grabs his father's hand, trying to grab the Foundation Gauntlet but he is pushed into Andy. Enoch prepares for the final blow but Elena sneakily steals the gauntlet, tosses it to Andy and lets him take Enoch back to Tyranus.

There, Andy uses the Foundation Gauntlet to destroy the crystal, stripping him off his powers and ending his rule of the Multiverse. Enoch unleashed his full fury on Andy, attempting to kill both him and himself. At this moment, the spirits of Enoch's past victims give Andy powers of the afterlife and help him destroy the evil Emperor once and for all. Enoch's incinerating body got sucked into a rift while Tyranus begins to collapse and become a star, which would then be named the Lone Star.

LEGO Dimensions 2.5: Upshot

In the LEGO Dimensions 2.5: Upshot expansion update, it is revealed that Enoch's spirit had gone to the Netherverse, which he already took over, and began to build his new Empire there. Khan, Enoch's descendant, found out that he still lives and joined forces with him.