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Enoch's Laboratory, or Enoch's Lab, is one of the many locations in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch where it serves as the secret research area of Grand Emperor Enoch and a blatant copy and an insult to Vorton.


The dry conditions combined with the rubbing of dust particles in its atmosphere created enormous static discharges that appeared as red lightning strikes on the surface. The lab was covered with enormous fissures that reached deep into its crust.


Enoch's Laboratory was created along with Enoch's Castle where it serves as the room of it's shield generator and the gateway.

Grand Emperor Enoch created the lab to conduct his research in dark alchemy and sorcery. After the castle was destroyed, the lab was destroyed except for the gateway, which has survived the debris. After the final battle, the gateway was destroyed along with the inhabitants of Tyranus.

The ruins of the lab and the gateway landed in the oceans of Legolot.